Financial Freedom Begins with Mental Freedom, Says Financial Pro & Author

Noted financial consultant, author and public speaker, Zayla Jacksonn, is launching her financial consulting firm, Get Freedom 360. Through her firm, Jacksonn hopes to help clients achieve financial freedom through holistic means.

Zayla Jacksonn, author, public speaker and financial consultant, is pleased to announce the launch of her consulting firm, Get Freedom 360, backed by the upcoming launch of her new book early next year. The firm’s core mission is to help clients achieve financial freedom by using holistic financial methods, systems and assessments.

Jacksonn, a self-proclaimed Life and Legacy Freedom Strategist has interviewed the likes of supermodel Christie Brinkley and Bethany Frankel on business partnership and strategy. She says that her firm’s 360 Freedom Method is a program that allows clients to establish a stable financial infrastructure, financial empowerment, and peace of mind. The firm works closely with clients on the correlation between mental freedom and financial freedom to help them achieve an ultimately free lifestyle.

According to Jacksonn, “The level of one’s mental wellness will determine the level of their financial freedom. My goal is to guide my clients to a path of freedom using a holistic approach that will secure them financially, emotionally and mentally. Freedom precedes success; if one is in distress mentally, emotionally and spiritually, success is futile. Therefore, one should seek to ascertain mental and emotional wellness to acquire financial freedom.”

Jacksonn believes that her experience as a financial expert and mother gives her a unique perspective and holistic approach to mastering mental, emotional and financial wellness. The CEO’s new book, “Free Your Mind, Free Your Money,” is set to launch in Feb. 2020. Based on her overcoming a toxic relationship and reclaiming her mental and emotional freedom, Jacksonn adds that her book takes the reader through her life and shows how she secured her family’s financial future during a difficult time.

“I realized how my mentally distressed mind affected my financial construct. Life doesn’t stop — it hurls obstacles and events that can have a negative effect on your mind and emotions. It all starts in the mind and the paradigms that we live by. Mental and emotional wellness is paramount to building a financial legacy. A healthy mind is a necessary key to obtaining success and applying knowledge, and I myself am a lifelong student. This is what our firm stands by,” she adds.

Jacksonn states, “Using the 360 Freedom method, our firm helps clients understand the power of the mind, and how it dictates the level of our financial success. We focus not only on our clients’ financial security but also on the emotional aspect of wealth building and security.”

Those interested in learning more about Get Freedom 360 can visit the firm’s official website.


About Us: Zayla Jacksonn, bestselling author, public speaker and financial consultant, mother of four and the CEO of Get Freedom 360, helps guide women to reclaim their mental, emotional and financial freedom by using proven methods, systems and assessments.

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