Financial Advisor, Jason Taylor, reveals essential retirement planning information when looking for a top financial planner - Fort Collins, CO

Founder of Taylor’s Financial Planning in Fort Collins, CO, has just revealed essential information for anyone looking for a top financial planner to help them when thinking about retirement. For more information visit

In a recent interview, financial planner Jason Taylor, founder of Taylor’s Financial Planning in Fort Collins, CO, has just revealed essential information for anyone thinking about their financial retirement.

“Choosing the right financial advisor can be quite an undertaking, with several factors such as accreditation, background checks, and investor philosophy to take into account. Here is some vital information to know before picking a financial advisor,” Taylor said.

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If you are considering someone to be your financial advisor, the first thing you should do is to ask whether or not they are a fiduciary.

When asked to elaborate, Taylor said, “Many financial professionals on the market are not fiduciaries, which means that they are not required to follow fiduciary standard. Fiduciaries must adhere to strict standards to ensure their clients’ best interest when making financial decisions.”

“Another way to determine if someone is a fiduciary is to ask how they are paid. Fiduciaries are only allowed to accept payments on a ‘fee-only’ basis. If someone says that they are listed as ‘fee-based’ or ‘independent,’ then they are not fiduciaries.”

Taylor added that the acronyms that follow a person’s name are important in deciding on a top advisor.

“The acronyms denoting someone’s title are not just letters – they’re an indicator of qualification. In the world of financial advising, a certified financial planner – or CFP – is the way to go. CFPs have to undergo rigorous training, testing, and continuous recertification,” he said.

Another acronym, according to Taylor, is CFA, or Chartered Financial Analyst, which means the advisor has been trained in making complex investments and is considered the gold standard in the investment management field.

If you are looking for a comprehensive look at your entire financial life, interview CFP’s. If you are just looking to maximize your investments and have a more complex approach to investing, interview CFA’s.


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