Finance & Markets' Cash Hacking Podcast To Premiere Next Week

Finance & Markets has exciting news for investors, and It is more than just bringing a new podcast to market.

Finance & Markets has exciting news for investors, and It is more than just bringing a new podcast to market. Beginning the week of March 26th, the Finance & Markets Cash Hacking Podcast will be streamed live across iTunes, YouTube, and several other media outlets. Cash Hacking Podcast Premiere

Unlike other podcasts that seek to punish investors be being in debt, or exclude other segments of the population who are unable to leverage private equity firms to achieve their objectives, The Cash Hacking Podcast seeks to incorporate and educate investors from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and walks of life.

Guest appearances on the show will be limited exclusively to entrepreneurs who have who have come from challenging backgrounds, and disrupted the financial markets through innovation and perseverance. Guest are encouraged to share the personal struggles, and explain in depth how they rose above their circumstance in order to gain financial liberty and freedom.

What serves to differentiate the Finance & Markets Cash Hacking Podcast from the crowded field of financial news streams and armchair economists will be the tools and resources available to listeners both during and after the podcast. Listeners are encouraged to participate in the discussion, and will have exclusive access to submit, request, and demand highly sought after entrepreneurs in order to gain further insight into securing their own financial liberty.

Alternative investment discussions such as cryptocurrencies, eREIT’s, and artificial intelligence stocks will not be discouraged. The podcast will premiere Tuesday, March 27th with Chris Costello as the podcast’s first guest. Chris is the co-founder of Blooom, and seeks to empower investors through growing their IRA’s and 401(K). After years of working in the financial sector, Chris witnessed the harm the had come from poor IRA and 401(k) management, and seeks to inform investors in the fundamentals of investing who traditionally do not have access to financial advice and guidance.

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