Finance Funding Australia Helps Consumers Get Behind the Wheel of a New Car Quickly

Finance Funding Australia works with a number of lenders to give consumers options when it comes to vehicle finance.

According to, vehicle prices continue to drop as the size of these vehicles decreases. The new Pulsar hatch, introduced this year, comes in at only $18,990 without on-road costs, making it a minimum of $1000 less than its competitors. "Consumers love the fact that vehicle prices continue to decrease, yet still want to pay as little as possible in terms of interest when buying a new car and this is where Finance Funding Australia comes in," Justine Milankovic of Finance Funding Australia ( declares.

Small cars remain a favorite with many Australian drivers who are downsizing their vehicles in record amounts, yet many believe they will be unable to obtain financing. Finance Funding Australia works with a wide range of consumers, including those with unpaid defaults and those who have never had finance. "Finance Funding Australia strives to provide every customer with a car loan melbourne that meets their needs, even those with court judgments, ex-bankrupts and more," Ms. Milankovic goes on to say.

Consumers often don't realize that each application they put in for a car loan affects their overall credit score in a negative way. This is especially important for those who are looking to downsize their vehicle and cut their monthly expenses due to a change in their current financial status. "Finance Funding Australia assesses the profile of each customer to find a lender willing to work with their financial past to prevent the need for multiple applications. The credit check conducted by Finance Funding Australia appears as an enquiry, rather than an application, to reduce this credit score impact," Ms. Milankovic continues.

A wide range of programs are offered through Finance Funding Australia. Choose a Novated Lease, a Finance Lease, a Commercial Hire Purchase, Personal Car Loans and Consumer Car Loans. Each comes with benefits and drawbacks and staff members work to ensure clients understand these pros and cons before making their choice. "Whether one is looking to buy a new car or a used one, we can be of assistance and, in many cases, the car buyer can be driving his or her new vehicle within a 24 hour period. This is due to the wide array of lenders we work with as this helps to ensure every customer who wants to purchase a new vehicle has the ability to do so," Ms. Milankovic states.

About Finance Funding Australia:
Finance and automotive industry consultants joined together to form Finance Funding Australia to help consumers obtain the car they want at a reasonable price. Many of these consultants were recognized in their field for outstanding customer service and excellent customer retention. As a result, each customer making use of Finance Funding Australia can feel comfortable, knowing he or she will receive both high quality service and respect at every stage of the process

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