Unlocks the Secrets of the FIFA Ultimate Team Trading System announces strategies that allow FIFA Ultimate Team players to assemble the best possible team without spending real currency.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a game mode of the extremely popular FIFA football simulation computer game from Electronic Arts. The Ultimate Team mode allows players to play as a kind of fantasy manager, managing their team strategically. In order to obtain players and other features for their squad, players need to purchase “packs” using “gold coins”, the in game currency. The quality of the players in each pack is largely based on luck. The “gold coins” needed to improve the squad can be won by playing the game or they can be obtained in much larger quantities much more quickly by purchasing them with real money.

One FIFA Ultimate Team related website that has seen a sharp rise in visitors recently is, a site which sells a unique FIFA Ultimate Team strategy guide called FUT Millionaire. This guide is said to be the key to dominating the game without spending a single penny of real money. The guide is said to behind the success of players who have been able to obtain millions of gold coins quickly and easily.

The system described in the guide works by taking advantage of the FIFA Ultimate Team trading system, where players can trade squad members and other items with other players online. The FUT Millionaire guide helps players trade in a much more efficient way, helping them gather up huge amounts of coins by making savvy moves on the market. By trading in a strategic way, many players have been able to assemble teams that would have taken a huge amount of time and cost a sizable amount of real money to field.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Many FIFA Ultimate Team players spend a huge amount of real money on putting together the best team possible. After all, most people need to open a huge amount of packs in order to get just one great player, let alone a whole team. To get the best players in the game, like Ronaldo or Messi, a player would have to either get incredibly lucky or open up scores of packs, each one costing thousands of coins that were most likely bought with real money. However there is a better way. The trading system can be used to obtain any player easily. Of course these great players sell for huge amounts of coins, but with clever trading strategies it’s possible to take advantage of the market and build up coins quickly. Our guide contains all the information needed to build the best team possible without spending a penny of real money.”

About is a site selling a FIFA Ultimate Team strategy guide that helps people put together the best possible team without spending any real money.

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