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Fidget toys are the new viral toy that is designed to ease anxiety and calm nerves. Most people either have or know someone who has one of these toys. Originally invented in Orlando, Florida in 1993, the product was patented in 1997. Unfortunately, the original patent expired before the inventor had the chance to make any money, although she did sell thousands of them in the 1990s at craft fairs.

Searches on Google for fidget toys spiked in April of 2017, with many different versions of the toy now being available, including the original Fidget spinner, best fidget spinner, hand spinners and others.

“With the Fidget Circle website, we are hoping to provide desired information about these toys to interested consumers,” stated Team Fidget Circle representative. “We are regularly updating the website with new information as it becomes available. The goal is to become the go-to website for everything fidget spinner related.”

Currently, there are tens of thousands of fidget toys for sale. While they sold out across the country initially, with the spike in popularity more manufacturers are jumping on the fidget bandwagon and offering these products for sale. The average price online is about four dollars; however, there are some that can cost up to $1,000.

“Fidget spinners and Fidget cubes are the ideal toy for kids and adults,” continued the company representative. “They are essentially the perfect toy – releasing, engaging and fun – what more could you ask for. Also, since they are inexpensive, the socioeconomic age and class of users is completely irrelevant.”

With the new website offered by Team Fidget Circle, consumers can remain updated regarding this new, innovative toy. They can learn about new product releases and other factors that make the fidget spinner the most popular toy in the nation.


Team Fidget circle is a website dedicated to providing information to anyone interested in the fidget toys, spinners, and cubes. The website offers content on the latest fidget gadgets that have been introduced to the make and provides a forum for anyone interested in purchasing or using fidget toys and spinners. Fidget Circle offers high-quality, fresh content that is created to inform and engage readers. With fidget spinners being the most popular toy across the nation, having a reliable web resource is a top priority of many people, and this is exactly what the Team Fidget Circle website offers.

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