FGAUSA Offers Mergers and Acquisitions Protection and Enforcement To Participants

FGAUSA aims to protect participants engaging in mergers and acquisitions by enforcing federal securities laws, and campaigning for greater transparency in the process.

FGAUSA has announced greater protection services for participants in Mergers and Acquisitions as part of its ongoing mission to enforce federal securities laws. The Financial Governing Authority of the United States of America has long campaigned for a higher standard of transparency and accountability in the M&A industry, and is now committed to providing greater protections for M&A participants, to ensure the integrity of the field as a whole.

The expansion of protections began with a free search tool backed by the SEC, which offers unparalleled transparency by collating all Public View documents about a business on behalf of registered members. The Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Protection scheme plans to extend its reach far beyond freedom of information, and includes advocacy and arbitration.

In order to help businesses provide peace of mind to potential partners, FGAUSA can help them become regulated entities, and oversee their license applications, vetting of individuals within the business, and ensure all actions taken are compliant with regulations. This builds transparency and integrity into the M&A process.

The FGAUSA commitment to protection is part of a drive for greater transparency and integrity. The company even shares its own annual performance against targets for service standards, which include delivery of documents, incorporation papers, certificates of fact and more, in an effort to live by their own rules.

A spokesperson for FGAUSA explained, “We are pleased to be able to expand the level of protection we can offer to M&A participants. Becoming regulated is an important part of that protection, and something we deal with every day. However, we are also expanding our capabilities regularly to offer further services, including our free company documents search tool in association with the SEC, and our ability to ensure securities laws are enforced in individual cases of merger or acquisition. We will continue to expand these services in accordance with our mandate, to offer greater protections and higher standards across the M&A industry.”

About FGAUSA: The Financial Governing Authority of the United States of America (FGAUSA) has a primary mandate to administer and enforce the federal securities laws relating to Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). It is a statutory board made up of a quorum of three commissioners, who endeavor to ensure mergers and acquisitions are conducted with fairness and transparency, with the appropriate disclosure of important information.

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