FG5 five-dimensional ecology leads 5G new situation

FFG5 distributed multi-frequency integrated interstellar 5G channel (File Generation-5,)1 FG5) is based on the original Beidou chip +DAPP ecological + block chain distributed storage and decentralized system application ecology, Based on block chain mature underlying distributed storage technology


Communication technology has experienced the evolution from overhead bright line, coaxial cable to optical fiber, from step progress, vertical and horizontal guidance digital SPC switch, from fixed telephone, satellite communication to mobile phone, from analog communication technology to digital communication technology. The wheel of the times came to 2020(the first year of 5 G), under the commercial boost of 5G, the industrial chain gradually flourished and the new era of 5 G application had opened.

On the other hand ,10 years ago, the block chain originated from Nakamoto's Bitcoin, essentially a decentralized database. It refers to the technical scheme of maintaining a reliable database collectively through decentralization and distrust. Market, it is expected that by 2025, China's block chain core products and solutions and related derivative strict industry market size will reach 100 billion yuan.

In 2020, the last global network satellite of Beidou 3 was ignited, and the last Beidou satellite of China's Beidou satellite system has been successfully launched. Beidou system also has positioning and communication functions, do not need other communication system support. At the same time, the coverage is large, there is no communication blind area, both, safe, reliable, stable and confidential.

The block chain + Beidou +5 G project FG5(File G generation-5) came into being in 2020.

FG5 is what?

FFG5 distributed multi-frequency integrated interstellar 5G channel (File Generation-5,)1 FG5) is based on the original Beidou chip +DAPP ecological + block chain distributed storage and decentralized system application ecology, Based on block chain mature underlying distributed storage technology; Beidou mature chip and transmission system; 5G the mature operation of technology and the market's desire and application of new technology and new knowledge. FG5 self-developed Beidou mobile terminal, The integrated application ecological + service platform, which integrates health, AI artificial intelligence, big data storage and distribution, multi-currency coin digging and decentralized application ecology, is constructed. and widely used in the new digital infrastructure, Internet of things, cloud computing and other fields in line with national policies, can greatly promote the popularization of telemedicine, industrial control, remote driving, smart city, smart home and other applications.

What is the five-dimensional ecology of FG5?

(1)Keeping up with national policy, Enabling entities to promote the development of health industry ," Datang Life Intelligent Terminal Mall ". FG5 core team was born out of the radar team, At the beginning of the design, On the full consideration of policy, industrial integration, landing applications and other issues. FG5 symbiotic double - stranded system, A chain is mainly aimed at industrial district, government affairs cloud and so on, Full integration of online and offline advantages, Integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains, With the big health industry, On the chain, To trace the product, Credit traceability. Deep empowerment of more physical industries, Boost the realization of value by real enterprises, At the same time for all involved ecological builders to create greater wealth dividend. B chain focuses on financial applications, Multi main side chain cross chain, intelligent contract deployment. In the process of enabling entities can help enterprises to finance, chain and so on to provide a variety of help. FG5 will give full play to the horizontal and vertical role of the industrial block chain + the financial block chain, Both are closely integrated in entity enabling and 5 G applications. Based on FG5 landing applications and future prospects, According to the official update, At present, many enterprises have reached strategic cooperation with FG5 authorities on side chain ecology, And as soon as possible landing ecological application.

(2) The Beidou mobile terminal, which is free of charge, traffic and free to choose. As a measure for the majority of members, FG5 through the 5 G system ecological construction dividends, feed members, and will always adhere to this policy.

(3) Distributed storage intelligent robot based on Beidou mobile terminal. Relying on the decentralized characteristics of distributed storage + at the bottom of the block chain, the DAPP application of Beidou mobile phone terminal will play a great role in the assistance of AI intelligent robot. Distributed storage intelligent robot can see, hear, and learn deeply to derive new information according to existing knowledge. in the future, distributed storage intelligent robots will bring the innovation of many fields and business scenarios on the Beidou mobile phone terminal into a new stage in VR、AR content creation and new experience.

(4) Beidou 5 G Base Station Launcher. From the beginning of R & D, FG5 position itself is to serve the new digital infrastructure in the new national infrastructure. The FG5 technology team optimizes the bottom layer of IPFS based on the distributed storage characteristics of block chain, adds sensitive content filtering (Honeypot honeypot protocol layer), and adds intelligent contract function. By integrating the bottom technology of Beidou system ,5 G and block chain, the distributed storage intelligent robot of Beidou mobile phone terminal stores and distributes big data, which assists the country in the integration of big data, and is widely used in large data integration applications involving logistics, transportation, education, finance, national defense security and many other industries.

(5)Beidou mobile phone terminal hardware +5 G cloud base station + private encryption cloud storage +FG5 pledge mining. September 20,2020, FG5 will land on the Singularity Exchange, a star project focused on by the Singularity Exchange, and anchor the mother currency of the Singularity Exchange in the future. As for the implementation strategy, only users who hold Beidou mobile terminal and pledge the FG5 are allowed to dig. Moreover, Beidou mobile phone terminal supports multi-currency mining. While pledge FG5, it can be excavated FG4、FG3... With the pledge and consumption of FG5, the amount of FG5 will be reduced, and the value of Beidou mobile phone terminal and FG5 will be increased ten thousand times.

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