Female-Owned E-Pharmacy Platform PlusVirtual Is Making It Easier For Canadian Patients To Fill Their Prescriptions

Successful female entrepreneur and founder of e-pharmacy platform PlusVirtual, Zahra Jazayeri is changing the medication prescription landscape for patients and pharmacists in Canada.

PlusVirtual is a single unified e-pharmacy platform that helps patients automatically refill their prescriptions through an integrated medication adherence program.

“PlusVirtual started its journey in Iran, my country of origin,” explains the online pharmacy’s founder and CEO, Zahra Jazayeri.

“Ironically, it is the Covid-19 pandemic that inspired me to expand my business internationally. The pandemic created a massive pent-up demand for therapeutics and diagnostics. And forced many critical healthcare services online. While it has been an extremely tough, often tragic time for people across the globe, it also seemed like the perfect opportunity to make PlusVirtual’s online prescription services available to the population of Canada,” continues Zahra.

“With various states of lockdowns in effect worldwide and many people isolating for various reasons, patients and healthcare providers are looking for an alternative to traditional systems for prescribing and dispensing essential medications without requiring vulnerable, ill, or incapacitated patients to leave home. PlusVirtual is that breakthrough alternative,” says Zahra.

And with pharmacists gaining new rights to help patients, the timing of PlusVirtual’s launch in Canada is serendipitous.

“Pharmacists are highly trained but mostly underutilized. PlusVirtual changes this, harnessing their skills and expertise to relieve the demand on increasingly pressured healthcare providers, coordinating the relationship between doctors, patients, pharmacies, and insurance companies, and delivering patients’ medications to their door within hours of prescription,” says Zahra.

“However, it’s been a far from simple journey. It’s taken us quite some time to move through the bureaucratic process and meet all the necessary requirements, but we’re almost ready to launch in Canada yet. And I’m so excited knowing the positively huge impact that PlusVirtual can make for the Canadian healthcare industry and economy.”

“From there, I’m hoping to continue PlusVirtual’s expansion into the US in the future where the demand for online pharmacies is also high.”

PlusVirtual offers a set of unique services that differentiate it in the field of e-pharmacy, including:
- Automatic refills,
- Integrated medical adherence,
- Streamlined payments and shipping workflows for pharmacists,
- Partnerships with telehealth providers for virtual prescriptions,
- Value-added consultation with pharmacists,
- Integrated nutraceutical sales.

“PlusVirtual would not be the success that it is today without the input and insights of my incredible team. So, my thanks go to valued team members Fariborz Khabbazian, our Chief Medical Officer, Mehdi Valipour, our Chief Operating Officer, and Abolfazl Khusniddinov, our
Chief Technology Officer,” concludes Zahra.


About PlusVirtual
PlusVirtual is a unified online pharmacy platform focused on automatically refilling patients’ prescriptions through an integrated medication adherence program. The e-pharmacy platform offers only the best practices, safety information, and nutraceuticals.

About Zahra Jazayeri
PlusVirtual founder and CEO, Zahra Jazayeri is a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). Her previous work experience includes time operating a large pharmacy in Iran and a period acting as the Chief Scientist for a large nutraceutical manufacturer.

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