Female Entrepreneur Helps People Find Happiness in Their Career

Shelly Cady coaches individuals using developed techniques, getting them to a place where they love what they're doing. These techniques create a positive affect their life and those surrounding them.

Over 70% of American's are unhappy with their current job. Everyday, they show up feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied. Many pictured themselves at a different place in life than where they are now, adding to the unhappiness they currently feel. One woman, who has been coaching and counseling for years, has created a first of it's kind program to get men and women doing what they love to do.

Shelly Cady, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, has been guiding others, whether employees, friends, or cohorts in their work lives. Her program, Dream Work Dream Life, gets people to a place where they are able to again feel meaning and purpose in their lives. "It was this experience that brought me to realize how a system needed to be created to help the workers that show up daily in a job that they are unhappy with. I help uncover the one job that they love and are meant to do."

By taking each client through a 7 step process, Cady gets them from where they are today to where they want to be. To find what each individual wants to do, Cady uses simple assessment tools, journalling, coaching, and group interaction. The main challenge for most people is their mindset and belief in themselves. Change can be a difficult thing, even more when one doesn't believe that they can do it. Focusing on building their self-confidence, Cady incorporates positive messaging along with other developed techniques to get their mindset to one of confidence.

When the goal of loving what they are doing is reached, they never feel like they are working. It's a positive chain-reaction that can impact their life and everyone around them. "I attended Shelly’s Cady’s training. I learned so much in regards to being my true authentic and happy self in all aspects of my life, especially in my work."

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