Felonies 4 Less Launches Marijuana DUI Campaign

Legalization of marijuana produces wave of dui arrests reports Felonies 4 Less.

The legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado has led to an increase in the number of impaired driving arrests law enforcement officers are making. According to a report by NBC News, more than 50 percent of the arrests made in the state during the month of January involved someone driving while high. "When one has been arrested and allegedly charged with driving while high, the charges must be taken seriously and a DUI Lawyer Colorado needs to be consulted immediately," L Wall of www.felonies4Less.com declares.

Colorado, realizing this is a problem, is now launching a campaign designed to address the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana. As any Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer will tell people though, humans continue to drink and drive, even knowing the consequences of engaging in this activity. L Wall expects the same will be true of driving while under the influence of marijuana, highlighting the importance of affordable legal representation when one is allegedly charged with this offense.

Any criminal charge in the state should lead to the hiring of a Colorado criminal defense attorney. Many hire an attorney when allegedly charged with carjacking, such as in the case of the man involved in a dramatic car chase recently. Others immediately contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer Denver when charged with a crime of this type. "As the legalization of marijuana recently occurred, many may not be aware of laws involving operating a motor vehicle within the state while under the influence. An experienced Denver DUI attorney becomes of great assistance in this situation and can advise his or her client of available defenses and which best applies in his or her case," Wall explains.

Studies consistently show marijuana affects a person's driving ability. Although law enforcement officers describe differences in the behaviors of those who are driving while under the influence of alcohol and those driving under the influence of marijuana, both are dangerous. "Never drive while under the influence of either substance. If one is allegedly charged with a CO DUI , he or she needs to contact a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney experienced in DUI charges immediately for assistance as the penalties tend to be severe," Wall pronounces.

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When one is allegedly charged with a felony, affordable legal representation is needed immediately to ensure the rights of the accused are protected. www.felonies4less.com provides access to experienced Colorado criminal defense attorneys in a short period of time, whether one is charged with domestic violence, driving under the influence, or another alleged charge. As criminal penalties within the state tend to be severe, those allegedly charged with a crime need legal advice right away and Felonies 4 Less.com helps to connect the accused with an experienced Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney qualified to provide this advice.

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