Felix, the Fairest Gaming DApp on EOS Blockchain

One of the rising stars in the blockchain-based gaming industry is Felixball.io.

One of the rising stars in the blockchain-based gaming industry is Felixball.io. It is built on top of the high-performance EOS blockchain. Making it a third-generation blockchain-based gaming platform that features all the benefits of previous generation blockchain such as peer-to-peer transactions, easily verifiable transactions, and advanced smart contract functionality. It all does this without the typical delays and transaction costs associated with older generation blockchains. By using the EOS blockchain it was able to execute many of the features not possible in the first and second-generation blockchains.
Felix offers exciting, engaging, and highly entertaining games presented in such a way that entices users to keep on coming back for more. Felix developers not only offer high-quality games but also espouses a culture of transparency and fairness. Through blockchain, users can verify and validate each and every action within the platform as well as to partake in the various revenues generated by the gaming platform. This is made possible through the implementation of their own token dubbed as the Felix Token.
Revenue Sharing Feature
Unlike many traditional platforms, blockchain-based counterparts enable their users to partake in the profit stream of the website. Felix allows this through its issuance of Felix Token which can be acquired through external exchanges or mined playing the various games available in the platform. These tokens represent a claim for a portion of the revenues generated by the Felix website. Profit shares will be distributed based on the Felix holdings of each user relative to the entire holdings of all Felix Token holders. This simply means if a user holds 1% of all Felix Tokens held by users then he or she is entitled 1% of the revenue share.
Felix Tokens (FLX) Distribution and Acquisition
According to Felixball.io’s whitepaper, Felix token is “certification of a profit dividend” for the Felix dApps platform. These tokens are mined or earned through playing games on the website. It does not matter if the player wins or losses, each wager entitles the player a Felix Token! The amount that each player gets depends on the amount they wager and the type of games they play. For games Bitball, Power-ball, and Ladder, each player that wagers 1 EOS will receive 5 Felix Tokens. 1 EOS wagers will earn 3 Felix tokens on Baccarat, 2 on Dice, and 1 on Lotto. Profits shares will be distributed as EOS from the bonus pool in every 24 hours.
Dividends Cards
Another innovation on Felix is the premium card system. Unlike profit shares from a relatively huge number of FLX token holders, premium card holders are paid with 0.5% commission in EOS on bets placed on the corresponding card category exclusively It is like owning a game on Felix game. Cards holders will be paid continuously while the card is held. These dividend cards are sold in open competition using FLX tokens. This means if another person is willing to pay an addition 10% from the previous owner the card is automatically transfer to the higher buyer.
Newdex Exchange Listing
The first external exchange to support the Felix Token is Newdex, EOS’ leading decentralized exchange. It is the leading non-custodial trading venue in the EOS ecosystem and among the first and most well-respected EOS bourses in the industry. This listing will bolster the reputation of Felix Token as a digital asset class and enhances its value proposition. Moreover, Felix holders will have the peace of mind knowing that their Felix Token can easily be converted into other cryptocurrencies using the Newdex’s decentralized exchange. They can also try to augment their token holdings though trading Felix Token.
The total supply of Felix Token is 10 billion FLX. 95% of all tokens will be allocated for bet mining. 3% will be allocated to the founders as compensation for their investments early on and other 2% to the development team to be used for networking and promoting the project. The tokenomics of FLX aligns perfectly well with its vision of creating the fairest gaming platform in the blockchain gaming market today. The FLX provisions given to the founders and development team.Felix has made new whitepaper for the exchange listing, stay tuned on that!
Felix Games
Felix features an assortment of games on their website. These include 5 fully functional games: Bitball, Power Ball, Dice, Ladder, and Lotto. Bitball is a simple game of guessing the last digital number of the price of Bitcoin. Pricing feeds are sourced from three leading exchanges: Binance, Huobi and Coinbase. Power Ball is also a simple game of chance where 6 balls are raffled. 5 regular balls will have the range 1 to 28 while 1 power ball range from 0–9. Players can bet if the balls are odd or even and under and over. Dice is another game in the Felix website. This game ask players to guess if the dice rolls over or under a ramdomize number.
New games on the horizon
At the time of these writing the game Choice is currently holding a beta opening event. It is a month long event which start last September 4, 2020. Choice is a Player versus Player type of card game where players are pitted with each other including a banker. Players will get 5 cards, three of the cards should add up to a multiple of 10 (10,20 so on). It is called “Made” if it reaches a multiple of 10 and “None” if it does not. The rest of the cards (the two cards) determines the winner. If the two cards are identical after the 3 cards has been summed up is called “Pair” which beats everything. A pair of 10 is the highest type of pair and gets the jackpot bonus.
Two other games will be released soon.These are the card game “Black Jack” and the Rocket game. While there are no details about these games it is highly likely will resemble other blockchain-based Black Jack game and Rocket games. Moreover, we are confident that actions and transactions on these games will be done on-chain and will be protected by the EOS blockchain.

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