Federated Mint Provides Jumbo State Gold Bars to People in Specific US Areas

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Apart from being an exceptional opportunity for collectors, this offer is also bound to spark huge interest among dealers and resellers

Collectors of coins and fine metal items in the US know that Federated Mint is a reputable supplier with an outstanding customer service. In addition to maintaining a rich inventory of highly sought-after collectibles, the company occasionally runs exclusive offers nationwide, giving collectors unique opportunities to snatch up valuable pieces at incredibly attractive prices. Its latest campaigns centers on Gold Vault Bricks still loaded with four 5-ounce Jumbo State Bars layered in valuable 24-karat gold. Bearing the name of the First Bank of the United States of America and the state they were once destined for, these are the only Gold Vault Bricks known to exist, and Federated Mint is making them available through a limited-time offer to residents of select states.

“We are immensely pleased to give collectors this unique chance to obtain extremely rare items at incredible prices. Eligible buyers can claim Gold Vault Bricks for themselves and keep all the valuable gold found inside provided that they act within 48 hours of the publication of our advertisement,” Federated Mint explains. “Each Gold Vault Brick contains four bars weighing a full 20 ounces of high-in-demand bullion copper layered in valuable 24-karat gold in all. Under the terms of our special 48-hour release, buyers who make the deadline have to cover only the minimum gold fee set for state residents, which is just $49 per ounce, or $980 for the full 20 ounces contained within these Gold Vault Bricks. To put things in perspective, residents of non-designated states will have to pay $124 per ounce, or $2,480 in total.”

Apart from being an exceptional opportunity for collectors, this offer is also bound to spark huge interest among dealers and resellers, according to Federated Mint. The question of value is always relevant in the collectibles world, but it is also the most challenging one because there are no guarantees, and values cannot be based on the most recent spot prices of gold, silver, or other precious metals as those constantly fluctuate. As Federated Mint points out, “These First Bank of the United States of America Jumbo State Gold Bars are the only ones known to exist. The value of the pure 24-karat gold layered content is merely a bonus for those lucky enough to snatch one of the Gold Vault Bricks as there is no way to tell what the actual collector value could be.”

Federated Mint was launched in 2010 and is headquartered in Massillon, OH. The company specializes in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products, typically notifying interested buyers of its offers through full-page advertisements printed in papers nationwide. Relentlessly committed to offering quality products and exceptional customer service, the organization has received the stamp of approval from more than 75,000 satisfied clients. Federated Mint is not affiliated with any United States government agency or bank.

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