FDG takes over NFT, causing a new round of Blockchain game climax

FDG, based on Blockchain, is a decentralized, fair and transparent game public-chain platform jointly initiated by global game geeks.

In recent years, as the Blockchain emerges, the cryptocurrency market has become as popular as a grand revelry. With excitement and loss intertwined, investors are anxious about the ups and downs. Recently, the low-profiled NFT emerges in the spotlight with a brand-new attitude.

NFT means non-homogeneous token, "As long as you are the unique one, everything can be NFT." NFT, based on the Blockchain, is an unreplaceable and the indivisible private property, which attracted the attention of many investors.

Blockchain games, as the main application scenarios of NFT, are closely related to NFT. From original CryptoKitties to later Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, NFT is increasingly popular among people in the field of Blockchain game. Until now, the enabling use of NFT by FDG has attracted countless people's attention.
FDG, based on Blockchain, is a decentralized, fair and transparent game public-chain platform jointly initiated by global game geeks. To build an independent, transparent and decentralized pan-entertainment ecosystem combining individual game promotion, shopping mall consumption, entertainment payment and resource management, FDG issued FDG token with NFT attribute.

Now most game items are associated with the user's game account, and all the data herein are stored on the game company's server. In other words, the game items you acquired through efforts or the devices you bought are actually not yours. Once the account is banned, the game assets are gone. The game assets on the FDG chain are stored on the Blockchain and game companies cannot control them. As long as you have the private key, you can access and transfer them.

FDG assets are on-chain assets and can run across games, which do not belong to games but to users. It can support the seamless transfer and utilization of game props between multiple games. For example, the props in game A can be used in game B due to NFT attributes. It is a brand-new experience for users.

After the launch of FDG public-chain, many Blockchain game items will, through FDG, issue game tokens. FDG-based chain games have NFT (non-homogenized token) attributes, and homogenized games can achieve resource sharing.

NFT outbreak stems from the overall development of Blockchain games. FDG can help game applications to achieve product and market fit, thus achieving breakthroughs and surpassing the existing framework. FDG is believed to connect the inner and outer circle to open the door to the future as the digital era bridge and key!

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