FCF Fire & Electrical Rockhampton Extends Fire Protection Services

Education and awareness are crucial elements of fire and electrical safety, publishes fireprotectionrockhampton.com.au

According to a compilation of studies conducted by agencies throughout the electrical industry, an estimated 20 percent of fires stem from electrical defects. Further investigation reveals an average of 20 deaths occur each year due to electrical accidents; however, information on less catastrophic injuries of this nature has not been released. With these figures in mind, Simon Daley of FCF Fire & Electrical Rockhampton has extended the company's Fire Protection services.

Daley elaborated, "For area home and business owners, having smoke detectors, Fire Extinguishers, alarm systems and other security elements in place is an important component in safety. Understanding how these work and being properly trained in their use is equally vital. At the same time, reducing the likelihood of fires and resulting injuries could be considered even more crucial to the safety of local residents, business owners, employees and everyone else involved. Our team covers all these aspects and many more, and our latest service to the public centers around the more proactive side of fire protection."

With recently revised national laws in place regarding electrical wiring and components as well as those legally allowed to implement these aspects, property owners are now held to higher standards when it comes to code compliance. Home and business owners are required to keep their electrical systems updated and operating in accordance with local and national regulations; additionally, in most cases, permission must be granted before proceeding with plans for any type of electrical work. Any Electrician Rockhampton carrying out this type of task must also be fully licensed and authorized.

Aside from installation, maintenance and repairs, the staff of FCF Fire & Electrical Rockhampton provides a variety of inspection services. These include residential wiring, electrical panel, appliance and connection assessments. From commercial and industrial perspectives, installation and maintenance of fire suppression devices, hoses, fire blankets and other safety measures are carried out, as are electrical test and tag procedures and emergency exit lighting evaluations.

Concluded Daley, "We're a team of fully qualified and insured electricians well versed in the full spectrum of electrical services, and we're here to help make sure local home and business owners remain safe as well as compliant with all electrical laws. In addition to hands-on installation, maintenance, repair and inspection services, we also provide an array of informational resources for our customers via our blog posts. Our staff members are likewise available to answer questions and address concerns online or over the phone."

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Offering a range of electrical, fire protection and safety services, the team at FCF Fire & Electrical Rockhampton is dedicated to providing quality workmanship for home and business owners in the Central Queensland area.

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