Fashion Analytics For Brands Launched New Competitor SME Platform

Omnilytics’ new competitor analytics platform allows fashion brands to trade faster, maximise profit margins and eliminate blind-spots in their assortment.

Omnilytics, South East Asia’s first fashion analytics platform, has launched a user-friendly platform for SMEs complete with services including competitor monitoring, market analytics, and fashion retail reports. This launch came at a timely manner as SMEs today are “concentrating on reporting and dashboards to improve marketing and sales decisions”, according to a 2017 Business Intelligence Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services, as reported on Forbes.

“Competition amongst SMEs is fierce, our clients rely on Omnilytics to trade faster, maximise profit margins, optimise and eliminate blind-spots in their assortment. We’re providing the tools necessary for our clients to trade as quickly as a fast-fashion retailer. ” says Retail Director of Omnilytics, Matthew Lovett.

The newly-launched Omnilytics for SMEs focuses on the main pain points of their SME clients - production, merchandising and pricing. With the Omnilytics dashboard, clients are able to view the top selling styles, colours, sizes, price points and visual merchandising drivers of their competitors or market.

Powered by machine learning, Omnilytics gathers data from mobile apps, social media, websites and many other data sources, compiles and uses deep learning machine technology to categorise and analyse the data. The data has been verified and checked against the internal data of some of the world’s biggest brands and proven to be accurate. To date, Omnilytics monitors over 10,000 brands worldwide.

Every company looks at data. But if that data is internal, or coming from an in-house system, it’s only half the story. To see the entire market it takes full teams of highly qualified people working non-stop on competitor analysis, data collection, and data storage. This also means staying on top of new methodologies and advancements in machine learning. Omnilytics focuses on this so that brands can keep doing what they do best: retailing.

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About Omnilytics

Launched in 2014, Omnilytics offers real-time fashion forecasting, trend and industry reports, and market analytics to leading fashion brands and retailers worldwide through an easy-to-use online dashboard. Being the first fashion analytics company in South East Asia, Omnilytics works with global and local fashion brands and empowers them to make more informed decisions based on accurate and timely data. Omnilytics is fast becoming the industry standard for fashion analytics.

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