Farmer Brown Announces Record Growth In Contractor Insurance Policies launches same day service and price shopping comparison options for contractor insurance policies.

Writer Mark Terry wants condominium associations to understand the importance of obtaining a reliable insurance policy to protect their property. In his online article “6 Condo Insurance Questions” he outlines why this type of insurance is so essential. Mr. Terry writes, “Insurance coverage presents a direct difference between the ownership of a home or a condo. Condominium owners are usually held responsible for insuring just their own unit and the small portion of property in which they reside.”

Mark Terry cautions, “It is the Condo association that needs to have a commercial insurance policy to cover all the shared common areas of both the buildings and grounds of that particular condo complex. Should there be a hurricane or other natural disaster in your geographic area, this will be outlined in your commercial policy. If there has been major damage to common areas of the condo complex, then the condo association will be able to work with their insurance carrier to cover possible losses.”

Meeting the insurance needs of condo associations is the website of Farmer Brown spokesperson John Brown explains their goals. “For the last fifteen years, we have worked with A rated insurance companies to be able provide quick and easy quotes to our clients based on the information they provide through our web pages. Because we work with a variety of insurance partners, we pride ourselves on obtaining insurance policies at competitive rates that we can then pass on to the consumer. Whether we are working with a condo association that requires a commercial policy or an individual that needs insurance to drive their car, we will price shop for a policy quote that works best for them.”

John Brown wants the public to know why their company is different from so many others on the Internet. He says, “Unlike many other websites, we do not operate a lead generating page that sells your personal information to a host of other insurance agents. When a consumer chooses to get an instant quote for their new policy, the only representatives they will deal with are on our exclusive insurance team. Once we get their information our team not only works to get everyone a quote quickly, but makes sure each applicant has the best of our same day service.”

“We are proud to say that our reputation is stellar, especially when it comes to contractor insurance. In the last year Farmer Brown has already surpassed all previous year records, and this year has two months to go as of this time.” John continues, “We want people to have the knowledge they need to make the best and most budget conscious decisions for all of their personal and commercial insurance needs. With our website at work, buying insurance is never a daunting or intimidating task. We will tailor any coverage to make sure that you are protected from liability, covered for damage and given the full value of your property should any worse case scenario occur.”

About Farmer Brown:

The website was designed to assist consumers to fulfill their insurance needs in both their personal lives and business endeavors. Founded over fifteen years ago, Farmer Brown offers a complete range of business insurance products such as condo association insurance, contractors insurance and commercial surety bonds. These insurance policies are in addition to to the wide variety of auto and home based insurance policies that can be of use to every family. Through their website and with the expertise of their insurance professionals, their clients know that Farmer Brown can be trusted to provide a no-cost and user-friendly online way to obtain insurance at any time at their own convenience.

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