FanGage Nation Launches The Ultimate Music Podcast to Revolutionize the Contemporary Music Industry

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Music Leaderz By FanGage Nation Is A Podcast Being Launched As A Musical Movement To Change The Existing Narrative For The Next Generation Of Musical Icons

FanGage Nation has proudly announced that it is launching an exciting new podcast called @MusicLeaderz by FanGage Nation on Wednesday June 30th 2021. From independent artists and managers in the music business to the executives in music marketing, the upcoming podcast will feature music industry executives who have achieved incredible successes in their entertainment career as well as give exposure to rising talent. Led by some of the most experienced music professionals and executives, the team of music professionals includes award-winning artists teams, platinum artist teams, world tour professionals, and hall of fame level artists. The show will support, promote, and celebrate the conscious artist like never before.

Some of the leading professionals and executives form the music business will come together in this podcast to help artists create thought-provoking yet entertaining shows that every listener can relate with. Moreover, GRAMMY winning music industry executives, who have empowered the fresh talent in the music industry will also be featured in the show. The hot new podcast has been created to support not only conscious R&B, Neo-Soul, and true Hip-Hop artists but also the conscious Gospel artists of this musical age. FanGage Nation is an innovative entertainment team that has successfully driven results for established GRAMMY winning artists, now they are working to provide even more further reaching support for everyone with a music career.

“This podcast is all about finally giving real break-throughs, rewarding the passion and determination so many artists have, and it is about changing the existing overwhelming narrative in the music industry that has unfortunately handicapped many labels and cut out many conscious artists alike.” Said Cherise P, the CMO of FanGage Nation, while talking about the upcoming podcast. “@MusicLeaderz will enable and empower the independent artists and managers. To encourage conscious artists right away we are giving them their very own subscription to Music Marketing Magazine to help them effectively market their projects along with a no-cost electronic press kit support when they join us at” she added. According to Cherise, the @MusicLeaderz podcast will unveil some of the biggest secrets of the multi-billion-dollar music business.

With the music business evolving to a billion-dollar industry over the years, many new arenas have emerged, giving birth to an entire new generation of stakeholders in the music market. The purpose of this game-changing podcast is to highlight some of the most critical areas such as music marketing and indie music production to sail on these rapidly turning tides. By leveraging their wealth of experience and expertise, the @MusicLeaderz platform is committed to give conscious, positive independent artists access to the support in the industry that they really need, and at a time when the rest of us need their music’s encouraging messages, possibly more than ever.

“This upcoming show is part of the initiatives that the team is putting together in line with the goal of helping artists in creating real and conscious music while supporting diversity. It’s time to hear more from conscious and positive artists, we need diversity and balance. It’s healthy and a beautiful thing.” Said Cherise, while talking about the objectives of the podcast. “@MusicLeaderz will also bridge gaps between labels strapped for resources and conscious artists who need more support.” She added. According to Cherise, the resource heavy podcast will be entirely artist-focused, and the discussions will cover every relevant topic.

The podcast will feature the likes of GRAMMY winning producer and songwriter Christopher "Deep" Henderson (Jamie Foxx, Case), GRAMMY winning producer Fanatic Billie Lennox (Bad Boy hits), Sharí Nycole, co-host of the syndicated Willie Moore Jr. Show, renowned Tour Manager Eddie Powell (Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, founder of On Tour Services), #1 ranked Radio Host Ya Girl Nikki, Hollywood Producer Dr. Lana Bettencourt (Tri-Destined Studios), Brandon D., former manager of GRAMMY nominated group The HamilTones, and many others as its guests and contributors. The show will feature managers, executives, and the real people behind the scenes, who make things work in the music career of great artists and bands. Some key team members helping to bring this free added career support for artists to life include but are not limited to Martin Pratt, Joey Ocean, Sheldon Gibson, Monica Cabbler, “Auntie” Donna Brown, Malatrice Montgomery and more!

Just in time to wrap Black Music Month and just after Juneteenth, the podcast will also give a platform for creative artists and industry leaders to reach a wider audience with their gifts while driving more love, healing and correcting the misconceptions about black and brown people.

The podcast will also include @MusicLeaderz Jr. segments for young artists by Kidz Mic (@KidzMic). The segments will be hosted by Kidz Mic’s young sibling co-founders Kira and Skye, they are #1 Best-Selling authors who founded their company at ages 9 and 7 yrs. old. They met with countless luminaries collecting tips for young creative minds from many celebrities like Anthony Hamilton, Kirk Franklin, even advice on how to move forward courageously by interviewing Honorable Congressman John Lewis.

This podcast is launching as a movement to help and support the next generation of award-winning music legends and icons by giving them a platform to share their voice with the world. Many R&B, NeoSoul, and conscious artists have been waiting for someone to give them an edge on access and marketing support to push their projects, it’s finally here – go to to get your free subscription started and nab your first free promo tool now while supplies last.

About FanGage Nation
FanGage Nation was co-founded by Eli Davis (@FlyEliDavis), the CEO of Special Brand Inc, long time artist manager for Anthony Hamilton & 9th Wonder. Alongside Eli, Cherise P. (@CheriseP1908) is working with tremendous enthusiasm as the CMO to handle music marketing aspects of the platform. In a nutshell, it is a fast-moving entertainment team poised to help put an end to racial bias by supporting conscious art, love and more balance in media.

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Name: Cherise P (@CheriseP1908) - CMO
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Name: Cherise P (@CheriseP1908) - CMO
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Organization: @MusicLeaderz by FanGage Nation