Famous Frames’ Sean Chen Draws Avengers Comic Featuring Audi

Preeminent talent agency for storyboards, shooting boards, comp art and more, announces that its client, Sean Chen, has completed the drawing of a new Avengers comic featuring Audi cars.

Famous Frames, Inc., the preeminent talent agency representing artists that specialize in storyboards, shooting boards, comp art and more, announced today that its client, Sean Chen, has completed the drawing of a new Avengers comic featuring Audi cars. Chen served as the “penciler” on the project. The comic depicts Marvel Comics’ Avengers driving Audi cars in their latest action-packed adventure.

“Audi is a great brand to work with as a visual storyteller,” said Chen. “The cars are streamlined and kinetic – a dream come true for an illustrator like me. The challenge was to find the perfect aesthetic fit between the vehicles and the well-known Avengers characters.”

As the penciler, Chen’s role in the comic creation process is to render a comic “script” into thumbnails and then fully-detailed drawings of the action. In this case, the script called for the Avengers’ Captain America to be driving an Audi Q7 as underground transport for the Black Panther character. Hawkeye was behind the wheel of an Audi A4 at the same time. “Ultimately, the story determines the composition within the panels,” Chen added.

From the pencil drawings, the comic production team then “inks” the drawings and adds color and word bubbles. For this piece, Sean drew rough sketches and established the locations and proportions of characters, places, and objects within the frame. Once finished, the frames provide clear direction, interesting action, and beautiful visuals.

Chen is a storyboard artist known for his commercial and comic work. The company’s website famousframes.com, provides additional detail and videos about the Marvel/Audio project. Famous Frames has been in business for over 25 years, with offices headquarters in Culver City, California, and a regional office in NYC. The company serves all of the leading names in the entertainment and advertising industries.

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