Family Law Attorneys Highlight Benefits of Collaborative Divorce Proceedings

With collaborative divorce proceedings parties design an agreement which works for their particular situation reports Family Law Attorneys.

According to the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, couples opting to use the collaborative divorce process rather than traditional divorce proceedings typically find they are able to settle without going to court. The majority obtain satisfaction using the process, and the majority of cases are completed in less than nine months. "Divorce tends to be hard on all parties involved, yet Goldstein Bachman, Collaborative Law Attorneys in New Jersey help to make the process less contentious and stressful for all," Tom Desmond, spokesman for Goldstein Bachman and Newman declares.

The Academy also found that many factors contribute to the success of the process, including a respect for privacy and all parties having realistic expectations of the process and the outcome. As both parties work to come to an agreement, attorneys help to reduce conflicts and encourage negotiation. Couples find a collaborative divorce typically costs less, and both parties retain more control over the outcome. According to Desmond, finding an attorney experienced in collaborative divorces is key to success for all involved, and Goldstein Bachman and Newman has this experience.

Even when couples choose to make use of the collaborative divorce process, the time may come when changes need to be made to a child custody order. This may be due to a change in jobs that requires a move, changes in the child's activities, or something of that nature. Sadly, there are times when changes need to be made as a result of one parent's behavior. "When a child custody modification becomes necessary, parents need an attorney trained to handle matters such as this. In New Jersey, Goldstein Bachman and Newman can assist as a Child Custody Modification Lawyer," Desmond continues.

Individuals rarely understand the nuances of laws pertaining to family matters. "Whether one finds him or herself in need of an attorney in a high net worth divorce or wants legal representation in adoption proceedings, the attorneys at Goldstein Bachman and Newman will be of great assistance in ensuring the client's rights and interests are protected at all times. This is critical, especially in cases involving children as decisions made now will have an impact on them for years to come. Choose an attorney with the necessary experience to protect children at all costs," Desmond emphasizes.

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