Family Law Attorney Daryl Weinman Reveals Why Avoiding Paying Divorce Lawyer Fees Is An Expensive Mistake - Austin TX

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Top Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX outlines why muddling through a divorce without an attorney will cost you more in the long run. For more information please visit

Trying to muddle through a divorce without legal backup could contribute to a bigger financial and relationship mess, divorce attorney Daryl Weinman disclosed.

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The founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C., in Austin, TX, said, in an interview, this week, that she knew of individuals who believed they could manage divorce independently. Since there were no children or minimal assets involved, they believed they could handle the divorce themselves and felt that it was unnecessary to incur the cost of an attorney.

She explained that a person can hire a lawyer at any time during the ongoing divorce before it concludes, but urged that bringing on an attorney early will help save money, time and effort in the long run.

Weinman commented: "The later a lawyer is called into a divorce case, the more likely that it will cost more and take longer.
Even if the parties are amicable and want to negotiate between themselves, an attorney can give them guidance and advice about what issues are important, and what a court would likely do in the event that they couldn’t agree. This will set the boundaries for the discussion and prevent arguments over irrelevant issues.

"If an attorney is called in early, the relevant areas will be covered before they file and may help to either shorten the process or negotiate an agreement."

When an attorney is called in late, it means that he or she will be entering into an already established conflict over issues that may not be relevant -- but once those emotions are triggered, it is hard to go back.

Weinman said a person looking to conduct their own case could be faced with many legalities they had not considered – such as dealing with the ex-spouse's attorney, learning the local court rules, trying to introduce evidence to a judge, and when to raise an objection.

"It is very difficult for a non-attorney to not only navigate their case from a legal standpoint, but also to put aside their emotions and approach their case objectively,” said Weinman, adding that the best approach is to start off by seeking advice from a divorce attorney at the outset to get some guidance about what the process entails.

"Family law is highly complex, and a person will face many different angles and questions, which could further delay their case if not answered properly. Financial planning, retirement accounts, property division, alimony, and concerns about children should not be treated lightly.

“They will only get one shot at this, and there is a lot at stake. Do they really want to risk everything and walk away in a far worse position post-divorce than if they had hired an attorney to protect their interests up front?" she concluded.


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