Family Law And Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman Shares Importance Of Asking Questions Before Hiring Legal Representation - Austin, TX

Leading family law and divorce attorney Daryl Weinman, founder of Weinman & Associates, P.C. in Austin, TX, outlines a series of questions to ask before hiring legal representation in a family law case. For more information please visit

In a recent interview, family law and divorce attorney Daryl Weinman, founder of Weinman & Associates, P.C. in Austin, TX, revealed the importance of asking questions before hiring legal representation.

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When asked for a comment, she said, “Dissolving a marriage is mentally and emotionally exhausting, which makes it all the more important to hire the right divorce attorney to fit your particular needs and to smooth an already stressful process.”

When interviewing potential divorce attorneys, one of the most important things to ask about is their level of experience.

“When interviewing a potential divorce attorney, you’ll want to ask them whether or not they deal with cases other than family and divorce law. It’s better to lean toward an attorney who solely focuses on divorce cases, as it means they’ll have more experience in this area both inside and outside the courtroom,” she said.

Furthermore, Weinman mentioned that it’s prudent to ask how many years an attorney has been practicing family law specifically.

“It’s good to know how long an attorney has been specializing in family law, not simply just practicing law. This is because going through a divorce process involves many moving parts, particularly if a divorce has to go to trial, which is often the case. Because of this, a lawyer must have experience conducting direct and cross-examinations, providing and presenting evidence during a trial, objecting to evidence presented by the other side, as well as preparing arguments and filing motions."

Practically speaking, it’s also good practice to ask a potential attorney about their fee structure to set expectations and avoid surprises.

When asked to elaborate, Weinman said, “While many might shy away from it, it’s essential that you bring up the topic of money so that you’ll know what to expect financially from the divorce process. Some things you should ask include if they require a retainer, if they have different rates for in-court and out-court time, and whether or not they charge by the hour or a fixed fee. If they charge by the hour, then it’s good to ask if that includes answering your questions, making calls, and sending emails.”

Another excellent way to set expectations is by asking about the details of the divorce procedure.

“If you’ve never gotten divorced before, you may not know what lies ahead, particularly as divorce law can vary by the state and the length of the divorce process hinges on how agreeable both parties are. After understanding your situation, an experienced divorce attorney can help provide you with an estimated timeframe, which can help you be more prepared mentally," she added.


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