Falcon PEV Launch Overseas Delivery With Expanded Range Of Innovative Electric Scooters

Falcon PEV is Singapore’s leading online electric scooter store, and is now offering free worldwide shipping on orders over $1,000.

Scooters have been around for at least the last hundred years, and kick scooters were first popularized by Honda in the 70’s. These products have undergone a great many innovations in that time, but only in the last few years has battery technology become sufficiently advanced to power these a new generation of electric scooters. Now, there is a revolution at hand, and Falcon PEV is helping people in Singapore enjoy the latest electric scooter models. Now, they have announced global distribution for their entire product line, including free delivery worldwide on any order over $1,000.

The website has a comprehensive range of scooters, from gyroscopic unicycles and hoverboards to rugged off-road electric scooters. The site also has a dedicated sale section which enables people to get the best possible deal on a cheap electric scooter. Every order is tested, tuned and signed off before being delivered to ensure optimum performance, and ready to use straight out from the box.

In many cases, Falcon PEV is the sole authorized distributor of the major makes and models in Singapore. This is because Falcon PEV is so much more than an online store. They have several physical locations in Singapore, and offer repair and serving together with a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts for home repairs. Their Singapore orders can be fulfilled with next day delivery.

A spokesperson for Falcon PEV explained, “We are thrilled to be able to offer truly global reach for these amazing products, and we are confident that our prices will be competitive worldwide. This means more people than ever will have access to outstanding quality electric scooters. These can revolutionize the way people get around busy urban spaces, or enjoy their recreation time outdoors. The website now has full international support to encourage more customers, and we look forward to shipping our first international orders very soon.”

About Falcon PEV: Official Distributor and Service Center of the best electric scooter brands like the Myway, Inokim, Ninebot, Kleefer, I-MAX, Zero, Powerocks and Zoom Air electric scooters in Singapore. They are now looking to offer international distribution to these increasingly popular products, at competitive rates. Their dedicated team regularly update the store with the latest products and innovations.

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