FairFigure launches Business Credit 2.0 Online Services

FairFigure launches a new online platform that educates business owner’s on improving their overall business credit with an on suite of tools.

FairFigure just launched a free online platform that provides an understanding of finances for business owners and helps to gain insight into their budgeting, real-time security alerts, fundability, and business credit scores. Within our company’s database we are contributing details of trade experiences, public records and discrepancies.

It’s a powerful tool to know how to strengthen your business credit when it gives you the capacity to receive funding that you truly need and build your business from the ground up. Increasing your business credit can be challenging, especially when a company has no credit or has a poor credit score report, it can also hinder various other companies from working together or investing into one’s business.

FairFigure’s trademark product, Fundex, calculates the probability of funding from 1 to 100 on how likely the company will get capital. Fundex can calculate your company’s revenue and growth potential, which will then help give lenders enough data to make an accurate funding decision. Mergescore is a proud additional tool that is also trademarked which educates new business owners on how to improve the overall health and credit worthiness.

A spokesperson from FairFigure said, “We help to make the working capital processes and funding for businesses easy. FairFigure’s Fundex is the next-generation scoring model that uses machine learning data to connect small business owners with the right financial partners at the right time.”

Through FairFigure’s machine learning technology, small businesses are able to know how much capital is needed for their growth even before borrowing it. Additionally, the platform also offers financial planning insights, strategies, capital allocation assistance, and fraud protection services.

FairFigure will help new businesses to submit the company’s information to the bureau to establish the credit profile at no cost to the clients. Furthermore, watch as the scores increase as more of your finance responsibilities are managed on the platform. “The ultimate credit building and monitoring platform website,” said one of the FairFigure clients that used the services.

Clients can access 3 Bureau Credit Reports and keep track of the changes online through FairFigure’s budget advisor feature for personal credit monitoring. In addition to this, users can also view if their identities are being sold on the dark web.

The team over at FairFigure is very excited for the launch. They’re proud to revolutionize the business credit monitoring platform by creating additional trademarked products that bring support when businesses truly need it.

About FairFigure

FairFigure helps small business owners with online services to help gain insight into the business finances, budgeting, and company’s credit scores while providing funding services through partners and assisting businesses to grow and achieve their potential.

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