Facet Seven Announces Availability of Online Training Services

Dedicated to helping clients achieve the healthy and happy lives they want and deserve, FacetSevenFitness.com now provides online training services

Approximately 49% of Americans have stated they want to live a healthier life. This number is down from 2004 when 62% of Americans had this goal. Even though the desire to reduce excess fat is dropping, the number of people interested in getting stronger and healthier is growing. To help facilitate this growth in health and wellness, Facet Seven now offers online training programs for busy individuals.

“At Facet Seven, our team understands that not everyone has the time to go to the gym or workout as much as they would like,” stated Facet Seven’s Layn Chase. “That’s why our team is dedicated to providing our training and services through our website at https://www.facetsevenfitness.com/facetseven/. You can find all our training services, skills, and experience to ensure you achieve the muscle building routines and healthy life you want and deserve.”

Facet Seven has spent several years perfecting the training services now available. Everything online can be used to ensure that those interested can gain the health, strength, wellness goals desired. Some of the specific services offered include access to the Facet Seven Coaching App, a direct link to the coach, and access to all the programs currently available. Each of these services and options is uniquely designed to help ensure each client is able to meet their fitness, health, and wellness goals.

“We are dedicated to offering the quality services that each client wants for a price they can afford,” continued Chess. “Each of our services is designed to ensure you have the tools needed so that the desired results are achieved. With this information and these tools, it is possible to meet your goals.”

Additional information about the services offered by Facet Seven can be found by visiting the company’s website at https://www.facetsevenfitness.com/personal-training/ or by reaching out to the team via phone or email.


Facet Seven is a neighborhood-style gym with two locations - the Heights and EaDo - designed and built to inspire both our members and trainers by providing them with the equipment and space necessary to pursue limitless fitness opportunities. With a wide variety of cardio equipment, pin-select machines, and free weights, we have a little something for everyone. Despite the size of each of our facilities and the diversity of activities that occur under their roofs, we pride ourselves on the motivational atmosphere and genuine sense of community we have developed over the years. With membership caps in place to ensure consistent, quality experiences, we’re never overly crowded and you can rest assured your gym time will always be productive and stress-free.

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Organization: Facet Seven
Address: Houston, Texas, 77003
Phone: 346-204-4865
Website: https://www.facetsevenfitness.com/

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