Ezee Rank Tracker Unveils Unmatched Feature by Covering 188 Regional Sites of Google

This press release discusses the features of Ezee Rank tracker that has spread its wings in the 188 regional sites of Google and specifies advantages for an ecommerce site.

In the modern world every individual depends on evidence to track the width and depth of his presence. The ideal way to reach the last mile in the virtual world is to track the website presence through a rank tracker which trails site’s presence in every corner of the globe and in all relevant categories. Google has developed regional searches for over 188 regions and categories. Google.com is a general global category. Google.uk, google.de, google.co.in etc. is region specific. The Ezee Rank Tracker is the most effective rank tracker which has a proven track record of tracking all the sections, subsections and regions of Google.

The business house needs a reliable indicator of traffic analysis. The market in the world is scattered. The top markets are already explored by brands. Competition is high in these markets. The game is to reach to every region and track the presence. It is now easy to focus on distant markets leveraging the benefits of Ezee Rank Tracker by checking the position of the traffic and comparing the same at regional level.

The e-Commerce businesses can choose the geographies and enhance focus in places where there is an increasing trend. Also take necessary steps in case of decreasing trend. These organizations can track, if the competition has introduced any promotional offers by judging the traffic pattern.
Ezee Rank Tracker provides region specific traffic analysis vis-à-vis competitors. The SEO expert is always aware where to focus to generate traffic.

The IT head of a Chinese mobile handset supplier commented "I could track down the promotional offers of my competition in East European Markets by judging the burst in traffic. My company could introduce better offers overnight. The SEO team started working on war footing and saved the situation for my company. All this could be done sitting in my office in Shanghai. I thank Ezee Rank Tracker for providing me reliable region specific data on near real time basis”

Several key customers have already realized the importance of Ezee Rank Tracker. Ezee Rank Tracker has created a special position in the rank tracker segment for its reliable performance. The rank tracker uses the latest technology and is always updated on the latest trends. The well structured report format and email alerts have enabled end users to understand and take prompt action. Ezee Rank Tracker provides unlimited keywords and domain tracking the reports and 100% white labeled. This rank tracker is recommended by SEO experts.

The tracking of Ezee Rank Tracker in 188 regional Google search engine is unmatched. This gives the power to take decisions for the owners of the e-Commerce sites and an assurance for SEO experts recommending this product. This feature is the future of an e-Commerce related site where the entire world is the market.

About Ezee Rank Tracker
The Ezee Rank Tracker provides accurate results to all SERP and social tracking requirements with over 188 Regional Google Domains and has many exciting features. It is the best service provider in the market. For more information and reviews on latest products visit http://ezeeranktracker.com

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