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Individuals often fail to realize the many ways they can earn extra cash each month from the comfort of their own home, but there are countless ways they can do so, ExtraCashEachMonth announces

According to CNBC, the average American now has $38,000 in debt without their mortgage. In fact, this number is $1,000 higher than it was the previous year, and quite a few individuals are finding they are now in over their head. They need to generate extra cash each month to stay ahead of the bill collectors. Extra Cash Each Month is here to help these people get out from under their debt and look forward to a better financial future.

"Did you know that there are Companies That Offer Legitimate Paid Online Surveys? People take part in these surveys and earn cash or gift cards for doing so. However, knowing which sites actually pay as agreed isn't as easy as taking part in these opportunities. We examine these sites to see which ones actually are legitimate and which ones are scams that are only looking to obtain a person's information for their own benefit. This saves you both time and money," Ann Williams, spokesperson for Extra Cash Each Month, explains.

Online surveys are only one of the many ways a person can generate extra cash each month. Others find they prefer mystery shopping, a way to make money while allowing someone else to pay for dinner or essential purchases. For example, a person may visit a restaurant and do an assessment for the owner without staff members knowing he or she is there to complete this evaluation.

"When taking part in a mystery shopping opportunity, individuals typically receive reimbursement for the meal they consumed or the item they purchased on behalf of the company. In addition, a fee is paid for their time and effort in many cases. Even in those situations where there is no additional fee, the shopper gets a free meal or item that they otherwise would have paid for or done without. This is a great way to enjoy life more without having to pay for the extras," Williams continues.

Mystery shopping and online surveys for cash are only two ways a person can bring in extra money each month. Learn about Companies That Offer Online Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards or gift cards to other retailers, businesses that pay cash or provide free items for testing products, and those that offer cash back on purchases a consumer will already make. There are numerous ways a person can generate extra income, allowing each individual to find the one or ones he or she is most comfortable taking part in.

"Visit the site today. You may be surprised to discover the many ways a person can bring in extra money each month. Although these opportunities do require time and effort on the part of the user, being compensated for one's time makes it worthwhile. Check us out now," Williams recommends.

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Extra Cash Each Month details legitimate ways individuals can make extra money each month online. The blog examines various sites to see if they live up to their claims to save readers time sorting through the offers presented to them.

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