Exporting US Premium Pet Food Option Worldwide

Exporting US Premium Pet Food Option Worldwide

As incomes rise across markets, so does the overall living standards of households, including the lifestyles of pets. One common trend seen recently in the global pet market is the increasing interest in premium food options for pets.

This trend turned out to be most prevalent across Asia where pet parents search diligently for the best pet food options for their furry friends. With countries like China representing more than 35% of premium and luxury product spending, it’s not surprising that Gen Z and Millennial Chinese pet parents have become pivotal players in the global premium pet market.

US premium pet food brands like Timberwolf Pet Food have been a major recipient of this trend and expect that trend to continue as pet parents learn more about their pet’s nutritional needs. With 25 years in the industry, Timberwolf’s products have been distributed across both domestic and international markets, with growth in Asia being exponential in 2021. “Personally I’m humbled to see so many pet parents around the world gravitate towards our products, but more importantly it’s amazing to see pet parents educate themselves on their pet’s instinctive appetites” says Kam Martin, the company’s Chief of Operations.

In today’s increasingly competitive pet market, pet food brands come and go at an astounding rate, and in many overseas markets US brands flood the market with claims causing much confusion amongst pet parents as to which brand is best for their pet. “I think much of Timberwolf’s success has been a result of staying true to the company’s slogan, Pet Foods the Way Nature Intended” Kam explains. “We ignore the pet market’s trends and tricks and stay in our lane. No matter where we are in the world, we can usually all agree that 100% natural ingredients are undeniably the best options.”

The biggest driver for the demand of premium ingredients has been a result of Pet Humanization among pet parents. With the assistance of the internet, the truth behind many ingredients is at the tip of a consumer's fingers. Pet parents now seek diets that specifically target key concerns of their pets such as joint health, gut health, and healthy coats. “I’m always in awe by the knowledge of pet parents today” Kam says, “As a pet parent myself, I believe it's admirable to see pet parents do their due diligence and demand the best ingredients from brands”

With the US still dominating the global pet market due to its pet population, countries like Brazil and China are steadily increasing their market share as consumer’s incomes rise. In response to the world market’s growing demand the company has drastically increased their production and began building stronger relationships with local overseas distributors. “We’ve been blessed to be able to work with some amazing distributors who share the same core values as we do in delivering premium pet food options. Much of our overseas success has been a result of catering to the request and needs of our distributors who work directly with pet parents in each market.” With the market still moving in an upward trend YoY brands like Timberwolf are beyond excited to see where the future pet market takes them.

To learn more about the Timberwolf and their products visit timberwolfpet.com.

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