Explico Launches PSLE English Online Tuition

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Explico Now is excited to announce its much anticipated PSLE English Online Tuition Program. This innovative initiative, which aims to empower students on their path towards academic excellence marks an important milestone in Explico Now’s commitment to provide accessible, effective and engaging educational solutions.

Explico Now's PSLE English online tuition will help you to learn more.

Tailored learning for success

Explico is now constantly adapting and improving its services to meet the needs of parents and students as the education landscape changes. This commitment is reflected in the PSLE English Online Tuition Program, which provides a comprehensive and tailored learning experience to students preparing for their Primary School Leaving Examination.

Explico Now PSLE English online tuition:

Experienced Instructors: The program is run by a group of English educators with a wealth of knowledge and experience who are committed to developing the language skills of students. The instructors are highly qualified and passionate about teaching. They ensure that every student gets individualised attention.

Interactive Learning Platform: Explico Now’s cutting-edge online platform was designed to promote interactive and engaging learning. Students can explore English language concepts through a dynamic virtual world that includes multimedia resources and real-time assessment.

Comprehensive Curriculum: This curriculum has been carefully crafted in order to be aligned with the PSLE English syllabus. The curriculum covers all the key components including grammar, composition and oral communication. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at the PSLE English examination.

Flexible Scheduling: Explico Now’s PSLE English Online Tuition provides flexible scheduling options. Students can choose to attend sessions after school with their peers every week.

Progress Tracking: Parents are able to stay involved in the learning process of their children through our comprehensive tracking system. Regular updates and reports on performance ensure transparency, and parents can celebrate their child's accomplishments.

Why choose Explico Now to teach PSLE English?

1. Proven Pedagogy:

Explico Now is a proven success with its pedagogical method that fosters critical thinking, creativity and effective communication. Our instructors encourage students to go beyond rote-learning and understand and apply English concepts in real life scenarios.

2. Technology-Enhanced Learning:

Explico Now’s online platform, which incorporates cutting-edge technologies, creates a truly immersive learning experience. Students can learn English concepts through interactive quizzes and multimedia resources.

3. Individualized attention:

Our instructors are aware that every student is unique and has different learning needs. They provide individual attention to each student in order to enhance their strengths and address any challenges. This personalized approach allows students to progress at their pace, while still receiving the necessary support.

4. Holistic development:

Explico Now is committed to nurturing excellence in academics and holistic development. Our PSLE Exam English Online Tuition program incorporates activities that encourage critical thinking, creativity and effective communication. This prepares students for both exams and future endeavours.

5. Live Quiz:

Explico Now cultivates a community-like atmosphere among its students. To boost engagement, Explico live lessons feature interactive live quizzes that captivate students. Upon lesson completion, the quiz performance results are sent directly to the parent.

Join Explico Now's PSLE English Online Tuition Program Today

Explico Now invites parents and students to embark on a journey of education that goes beyond traditional learning methods. Our PSLE English Online Tuition Program helps students develop critical thinking and language skills that will help them excel in school and beyond.

Explico, a pioneering platform for education technology that is committed to revolutionizing the learning experience. Explico Now offers a variety of educational solutions that are designed to meet students' diverse needs in today's dynamic environment.

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