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Research for cat products is now easier than ever thanks to the informative reviews offered on the website

The average cat requires two to four ounces of fresh water, along with food on a daily basis. Cats with a diet consisting mainly of dry food, which is only 10 percent water, are going to need more water than cats that eat primarily wet food, which is approximately 80 percent water. While two to four ounces may not seem like much, over the course of a day, or days, it adds up.

In an effort to help make providing food and water easier for cat owners, MeowTee offers resources and information related to convenience products, including an automatic water fountain for cats and how to choose the best electronic cat feeder for sale.

“In addition to reviews and information on the above-mentioned products, our site also provides information on everything cat-related,” stated company representative Joyce Granda. “While we don’t imply that our advice or the information we offer is equivalent to a vet, our goal is to provide cat owners with a go-to resource for basic questions and information on products that are available for sale.”

Many cat owners leave their cats on their own when they take a trip or go on vacation since these are more self-sufficient animals than dogs. However, it isn’t feasible to leave food out on a continuous basis. This is where the many convenience products on the market come into play.

“Our goal is to update our website on a regular basis to ensure our customers have access to the latest information available,” continued Granda. “We are cat lovers ourselves and, as a result, ensure our fellow feline owners have the resources they need to care for their cat and ensure they remain happy and healthy.”

More information about cat products and the information provided by MeowTee can be found by visiting the website.


MeowTee was created and launched in October of 2016 and has grown from just a two man operation to being managed by six cat loving individuals. Dedicated to providing information and resources related to everything “cat,” MeowTee is designed with the end user in mind. As a result, searching and finding helpful resources is easy and provides users with the results they want quickly and efficiently. Those interested in using the site are encouraged to come back often to see what new information is added about cats and products for cat lovers.

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