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According to Jason Brailow, no part of the larger IT landscape can ever be left unaddressed in a successful enterprise.

In the midst of a rapidly changing computing landscape, a comprehensive IT strategy becomes the only way to adapt to the new speed of evolution. Big data expands with an ever-widening reach, with mobile and cloud services at the forefront of this change. Addressing these new information technology challenges requires intelligent analysis, innovative solutions, and experienced implementation. IT expert Jason Brailow and his company are well positioned to meet these challenges. Regardless of the industry they are assisting -- banking, insurance, retail or education -- speed, flexibility and dollar value are always a primary concern.

According to Jason Brailow, no part of the larger IT landscape can ever be left unaddressed in a successful enterprise. The guiding principles of Brailow’s company are integration and interdependence. Focusing their consulting efforts on bringing the 'whole package' together -- network infrastructure, security best practices and workplace services, his company’s mission is to provide their clients with the most useful services and innovations to assist in the management of intellectual and human resources.

Jason Brailow remains a recognized leader in IT consulting by providing managed services that deliver the resources and capabilities needed to build and maintain an agile, responsive IT environment. His company has established itself as an architect of the comprehensive approach to construct an integrated suite of solutions. Addressing enterprise computing and cloud services, Brailow can provide direction for data center design to link every IP-enabled device within the client's network. Infrastructure security goes hand-in-hand with cloud-based solutions and Brailow has implemented best practices that maximize privacy and safety while still allowing for employee ease and accessibility. On the ground-level, workplace services side, Brailow’s team are experts in efficiency and management of resources, business processes and innovation while transforming the client's organization into a more flexible and cost-effective computing environment. All of this begins with an effective consultation phase to fully understand the client, listen to their concerns and propose solutions that will be customized to their specific workplace needs.

Jason Brailow is a forward thinking serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has a pedigree of identifying unrealized potential, building operational value, and monetization. With a knack for building businesses, he has founded a handful of TECH start-ups over the last several years resulting in a series of accomplishments: Inc 500 - Product of the Year - Rising Star Award - Entrepreneur of the Year. Recognized as one of the foremost authorities in Online Advertising, Jason Brailow has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but garnered his savvy business sense while starting, acquiring, and selling several ventures. His forward thinking and technological mindset has enabled him to build companies that create products used by consumers daily, around the globe.

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