Executive Employers Reviews Common Employment Scams To Help Jobseekers Avoid Traps

Executive Employers has had rave reviews thanks to their peerless work on behalf of their users, which continues with the publication of information on how to identify and avoid executive employment scams.

There are a huge number of jobseekers out there today, as part of the broader fall out of the continuing global economic downturn. These jobseekers are however active at all levels of company infrastructure, and even executives are out there looking for competitive positions to increase their chance at a prosperous and decorated future. Executive Employers helps these high level employees find job opportunities that match their skills, and go further by identifying and publishing editorials on key areas that affect executives in today’s market place to increase their chances of success.

Executive Employers reviews such topics regularly, and has now come to prominence for helping people identify and avoid scams. Executive Employers’ Scam advice is specific to the kind of scams that are targeted at executive level candidates, including recruitment companies promising placement and claiming astonishingly high success rates, career marketing services and more.

The advice they give includes common sense advice like resisting the temptation of an easy solution and knowing that ‘too good to be true’ almost always is. They also offer practice advice and guidance about common alarm bells, like identifying bait and switch tactics and being wary of those who seek to close a deal on your behalf.

A spokesperson for Executive Employers explained, “Executive Employers takes its position in the market seriously and responsibly, and we want to help executives educate themselves about the potential for scams. As well as thoroughly screening our own listings, we understand that smart executives use our service as part of a broader strategic approach, so we want to help them catch scams they may find while looking elsewhere. It’s all part of our continuing mission to do all we can to connect executives with the right jobs, starting with helping them eliminate the snake oil offers.”

About Executive Employers: Executive Employers is a VC-funded recruitment firm specializing in providing a wide range of employment services to individuals, corporations and nonprofits. In addition to positioning members within Fortune 500 companies to fill their top-tier leadership positions, Executive Employers also facilitates the placement of individuals to advisory boards and board of director positions. Executive Employers exclusive network is open only to senior executives and search professionals to facilitate their ability to network together.

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