Exclusive New Riedon Video Shows How Resistors Are Made

From simple wirewound resistors to far more specialized parts, company's new video offers a unique look at a number of fascinating production processes, Riedon Resistors reports

Riedon Resistors published at the company's website a new video that shows how resistors are made. Aimed at everyone from students and hobbyists to industry professionals, the new video provides an inside look at a fascinating process. Viewers will see how everything from the most basic parts to a specialized current sense resistor are produced, while also learning about the many services that Riedon offers. Since the company's founding in 1960, Riedon has stood at the cutting edge of resistive solutions, now maintaining operations in six countries around the world. Visitors to the Riedon website can view the new video now, browse the company's product catalog, and learn more about its history, capabilities, and influential approach to the industry.

"One of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of our work here at Riedon is helping others learn about the many resistive solutions we design and produce," said Phil Ebbert, Vice President of Engineering for Riedon Resistors, "Sometimes, we even get a chance to spread the word to those who might not normally have heard much about resistors. Our new video is a great example of this, as it provides a look at some processes that people from many different backgrounds will find fascinating. We've got plenty of other resources online at our website that we think anyone from students to accomplished engineers will enjoy, as well."

As one of only a few basic kinds of passive electronic components, a resistor will most commonly be added to a circuit to reduce the amount of current that flows through it at particular voltages. While resistors of these kinds are ubiquitous, more specialized types like the current sense resistor often have important roles to play, as well.

For nearly half a century, Riedon Resistors has been one of the world's leading sources for the whole array of possible resistive solutions. Always staying at the cutting edge of resistive technology and production techniques, Riedon works with clients ranging from small, independent businesses to global-scale manufacturers. With over 130 active employees at six Riedon locations worldwide, the company is capable of handling orders from as few as 100 resistors to those for over a million parts. In addition to maintaining a huge catalog of standard resistive solutions for clients to select from, Riedon also offers flexible, highly responsive custom support and design services.

The new Riedon video reflects this industry-leading experience and expertise in ways that viewers of many different backgrounds will find interesting. Showing in specific, concrete form how various kinds of resistors are made, the new video also details Riedon's services and approach to customer service. The new video is online now at the main page of the Riedon Resistors website, with many other resources of interest also being available.

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Always at the cutting edge of resistive solutions, Riedon has for over forty-five years designed and manufactured a full range of top-quality standard and custom resistors for clients of all sizes and kinds.

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