Excelsis Movie Producers Strike First In Round One Of Superfight

Scheduled for release in 2020, their female MMA movie "Excelsis" is both entertaining and inspiring, reports www.ExcelsisMovie.com.

Universe Pictures Group in association with Mr. Bravo Entertainment, Producers of “Excelsis”, a female based mixed martial arts movie draw first blood in a superfight against the Drama sports movie genre with its WMMA Drama Sport movie.

In “Excelsis” (excelsismovie.com), Cassady Jones finds herself in a melee that shocks the sports world, while leaving the EFC (Excelsis Fighting Championship) promotion in the most tumultuous period of its history. As the promotion becomes embattled with strife, fight promoter John David approaches EFC’s owner Donna Carter with an opportunity that could revive the promotion and capitalize on the rise of women’s MMA.

With the arrival of John David, Cassady and seven other female competitors are given an opportunity to fight in an EFC tournament to crown a new champion. Understanding that her big break is at hand, Cassady decides to take advantage of the opportunity and comes face to face with her greatest opponent. Cassady comes to the realization that it’s not just in another fight, it’s the fight for everything.

To continue, “Excelsis” stars Karlee Rose as Cassady Jones the movie protagonist, Gemini award winner Richard Zeppierri as Frank Russo, Andrea Drepaul as Nikki Reed, Kathry Aboya as Alexa Star, Avaah Blackwell as Scarlett Jones and Alex Cruz as John David.

The Drama Sport movie genre was birthed through the iconic Rocky “1976” starring Slyvestor Stallone and boasts blockbuster titles such as “Million Dollar Baby” 2004, starring Clint Eastwood “Warrior” 2011 starring Tom Hardy, Creed “2015”, starring Michael B. Jordan and “The Fighter” 2010 starring Christian Bale; all of which are part of this genre’s top 100 highest grossing movie titles per Box Office Mojo.

According to the movie’s Director Jaze Bordeaux, the fight scenes left the octagon full of blood, sweat and tears , they were crafted with two main goals; take the audience on the craziest roller coaster ride, leaving them awestruck, while doing justice to the craft of the sport of MMA.

“Excelsis” producers managed to strike the first blow by moving into post production, bringing them a step closer towards their mission to ignite the Drama Sport movie genre.

With Excelsis is on pace to become the first female led MMA film in this genre, Halle Berry also made a commitment to the MMA fan base, as she is set to dive into directing and starring in her first film titled "Bruised."

Round two of this super fight could very much end into a potential knockout , but one thing is for sure, for “Excelsis”: it's not just another fight it’s the fight for everything”. Learn more about the movie at excelsismovie.com .

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