Excell Air Filters Launches Filter that Kills 99.98% of Cold & Flu Viruses

The ExcellAirFilters.com antimicrobial filter is the only one offered on the residential market with the ability to eliminate the cold and flu virus

The traditional HVAC filters purchased to use in a home system are designed to protect the equipment, not a person’s sinuses or lungs. Many have the misconception that these filters keep allergens and dust from circulating in the air; however, that is not entirely true. The actual purpose of air filters is to keep these particles out of the equipment, which means they may not be as healthy and effective as many think.

While there are thousands of air filter options available on the market today, the only antimicrobial option is offered by Excell Air Filters. In fact, this unique, innovative filter is capable of killing 99.98 percent of all cold and flu viruses, which is something other home air filters simply can’t compete with.

“While our current product is performing above expectations, our company isn’t satisfied, and we won’t be sitting on our laurels,” stated company representative Todd Shafer. “We want to create a healthier home environment for all of our customers who have recurring health issues due to the contaminated air in their homes.”

The driving force behind the Excell Air Filters is the patented “Takem Sticky oil.” This is patented technology that is designed to help reduce household dusting and allergens. With this technology in use, this is the one filter that can make a home’s air healthier to breathe.

“We currently offer two models of Excell Air Filters, the antimicrobial air filters, and the allergen air filters,” continued Shafer. “Right now, we have the only commercial grade filters for residential use, which are offered in a number of sizes to ensure it will fit in your system perfectly.”

Customers interested in Excell Air Filters products can visit the website to find helpful resources or place an order.


Todd Shafer is the man behind Excell Air Filters. He is a two-time Iraq veteran, pilot, NASCAR driver and an engineering graduate from Ohio State University. The goal of the company is to help create healthier home environments for customers who are concerned about allergens and other airborne issues. The patented filters are equipped with “Takem Sticky oil,” which helps reduce the allergens present in the air, as well as household dusting needs. The antimicrobial air filters have also been proven to kill the flu and cold viruses by up to 99.98 percent. This is the only filter capable of doing this on the market.

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