Evolve Cleaning Continues to Push Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Commercial cleaning company, Evolve Cleaning, are quick to further adopt eco-friendly practices as part of their cleaning solutions.

Climate change has been the hottest topic trending on all recent news outlets. From the 80,000 Sydney protesters to the Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, there has been a massive outcry to take action against climate change.

One company, in particular, has recently taken the initiative to further support the agenda by continuing to reshape it’s policies and heavily adopt sustainable & eco-friendly products into its cleaning practices.

Evolve Cleaning, a commercial cleaning company based in Sydney, is at the forefront of the cleaning industry with the push to adopt a greener alternative to cleaning commercial spaces. They have recently come out to announce that they have taken up a sustainability initiative to begin more aggressively integrating environmentally-friendly cleaning products into their processes.

“We’ve been planning this action for a long time now and it isn’t a process of simply making the switch. We’ve had to convince multiple parties and stakeholders that the benefits far outweigh any of the risks involved,” claimed a spokesperson from Evolve Cleaning, saying that introducing more eco-friendly policy changes involves a lot of information relaying and educating.

The founder of Evolve Cleaning, Yaz Spahic, was incredibly excited to represent a good cause, saying “There is a big misconception that using eco-friendly products compromises the quality of our cleaning services. This is completely false and comes down to the cleaning products used itself. We’ve tested several cleaning products ourselves and found that our latest eco-friendly products yielded similar or even better results.”

Evolve Cleaning will be joining a few of the many leading commercial cleaning companies in Sydney to reform their policies to adopt eco-friendly practices. The organic and natural materials used in producing cleaning agents are designed to reduce carbon footprint, lower the risk of contamination and sustainable.

For more information, please visit: https://www.evolvecleaning.com.au/green-cleaning/

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