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The blog provides daily motivation and practical success tips that show people how to improve their lives one step at a time, reports everydaypowerblog.com.

Each day, the Everyday Power Blog introduces the world to a new way of thinking and helps people reach their full potential in life. The blog provides daily motivation and practical success tips that assist readers in creating a plan to improve their lives one step at a time. Having started as an idea in Jeff Moore’s New York City apartment in 2010, the blog has grown to reach hundreds of thousands of people each day and has become a go-to resource for inspiration and motivation.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to deny that the media rules much of our daily lives. Celebrity gossip, the latest fashion trends, reality television, social media memes, and the constant flow of new music seem to dominate our existence in an unprecedented way. Unfortunately, much of this media obsession acts as a distraction that takes time away from building a self-determined life,” said Jeff Moore. “The Everyday Power Blog is our contribution to the solution. We believe that people can indeed reach their fullest potential, and it’s our goal to give them the information and inspiration they need to do just that.”

At Everydaypowerblog.com/, the Everyday Power Blog offers vital inspiration to help people change their mindsets, achieve the success they were meant for, and ultimately live their best lives. The website is chock full of motivational quotes, informative interviews, practical tips for success at work and home, and ways to develop the right mentality for setting and achieving goals.

Moore went on to say, “Based on my own life experiences and time as an educator, I know firsthand the power of the right guidance, advice, and perspective. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing it to our readers. Our aim is not simply to garner followers. It is to help people answer the important questions in their lives and determine who they are, what they love, and how they can overcome the obstacles they face to make the difference they were meant to make in this world.”

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About Everyday Power Blog:

Everyday Power started as an idea in Jeff Moore’s New York City apartment in 2010. After coming home from teaching his 7th grade English class at a public school in Harlem, Jeff was disappointed with how one lesson finished. After having his class examine a popular poem and giving them laptops to help them write their own, he couldn’t help but notice how captivated his students were with celebrity gossip, clothing, sneakers and music videos.

Deciding then and there that something had to change, Jeff was inspired to launch Everyday Power, a site dedicated to providing relevant and meaningful material he felt his students needed to experience. Today, Everyday Power reaches over 400,000 people, is a curriculum resource for many schools across the country, and has become the go-to source for thousands who read it daily before work or school.

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