Evaughn High Assists Young Children With Self-Esteem In Her New Book God Colored Me, Black

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Multitalented creative, Evaughn High releases a new children's book titled "God Colored Me Black," a poetry collection to assist young children with self-esteem and promote history.

Evaughn High has pursued promoting beauty and kindness to all children a notch higher as she recently released a new book titled God Colored Me Black. The author seeks to teach readers, especially children, the art of self-belief through poetry and colorful illustrations that will help drive home the message.

"This book is a personal memoir for my children, grandchildren, and children around the world. There is a great deal of unrest in the world. Racism is at an all-time high. All children need to know and understand that we are all equal and deserve to experience and explore the world in a safe environment without judgment. America is a diverse country, but we are certainly not all treated as equal. She desires to continue to promote beauty and kindness to all children. I desire to animate this work into a story for children and parents to watch," said Evaughn High.

The incidence of racism is becoming even more worrisome by the day, reaching an all-time high across the globe and leading to an unprecedented level of unrest in different parts of the world. Over the years, several initiatives have been put in place to promote diversity and inclusion and ultimately reduce the cases of discrimination and abuse in all ramifications. But, unfortunately, these efforts have not yielded the desired results. Consequently, Evaughn High is looking to "catch them young" by preaching the principles of equality to young children and helping to engineer their thought processes as they grow to become adults and influential parts of society.

The book's launch is particularly timely in a period where all efforts towards quenching racism prove abortive. The approach adopted by Evaughn High is even more laudable, as she seeks to nip the problem in the bud by assisting young children of all races to embrace their identity while showing how equal everyone is by promoting history.

According to the self-published author, God Colored Me Black developed by hard times and the oppression of people of color, and the desire to encourage young children to be the change agent in the years to come. The writer personifies the process of developing high self-esteem, digging into her childhood as she grew up in the south, where constant teasing was an everyday occurrence regarding her color, and how she continued to find strength in being darker.
Evaughn explores the fantastic features of being Black in her new book, reiterating the deliberate act of God to create people with the color, as she hopes that it will trigger some thoughts in the minds of myopic parents, siblings, and persons of other races.

God Colored Me Black is currently available on all major online platforms, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Authorhouse.

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About Evaughn High
Evaughn High is a multitalented individual an often described by her close allies as "gifted." She always had a creative mind and developed a love for singing at a young age. Evaughn has built a career as a performing artist for over 50 years, thrilling her audience with a captivating voice and entertaining, thought-provoking lyrics yet. She decided to write her thoughts during the pandemic, inspired by a series of events experienced over the past four years, to author the poetry collection – God Colored Me Black.

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