ETV Capital Group release decentralized casino platform with a powerful ecosystem

decentralized casino platform with powerful ecosystem

ETV International Capital Group was founded in 2016. The foundation of the company is backed by more than 10 years of experience by its founder in the global betting and e-sport markets. Fast forward to the present, ETV International Capital Group uses the advancement in the data economy and Fintech development to provide sustainable returns to its investors.

ETV CAPITAL is THE FIRST decentralized casino platform established in the UK that provides a social network solution that connects all investors with absolute ease and safety with a simple yet effective interface and team. 24/7 customer-friendly support and lowest transaction fees. ETV CAPITAL is built by highly specialized teams with experience working in banking systems and building systems for Finance, Social solutions and E-commerce, Payment and Development Systems Software

ETV Capital is built on the basis of high unity to bring absolute benefits to customers. Some outstanding features of ETV Capital include:
-Segregation of clients' fund: Client's money is held in individual accounts and managed professionally
-Regulated liquidity provider: ETV Capital partner 3 top tier banks and 5 non-bank liquidity providers
-Negative balance protection: overtrade protection against market volatility
-Secure encryption: All transactions use SSL security protocol to keep all client information private

ETV Capital's ecosystem is built by the world's leading experts in finance and blockchain technology. Their birth system is built on 4 specific areas including Cryptocurrency, Casino, Brokers and Financial Institution. We can describe connectivity and cohesion in ETV Capital's ecosystem as a seamless flow of financial markets.

Besides that, ETV Capital is going to build an IoT system (Internet of things) a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines provided with unique identifiers (UIDs), and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. internet of things (IoT) plays an important role to strike a balance between ‘ mechanical’ and ‘natural’ behavior in trading decisions to deliver better results.

Besides, ETV Capital is a company that owns many strong ecological & diverse systems and attracts investments such as Trade Forex/ Crypto AI, Games Online, Trade Option, Casino, worldwide trustworthy e-wallet about CryptoCurrency.
ETV will be a storage channel and increase the safest properties for investors in the future because:
⁃ The Ecological system of the transactional market
⁃ It owns storage technology, integrates payment into micro e-chips, helps store ETV and uses payment technology by one click with faster speed with many times greater than than Visa speed.
⁃ It increases assets of all investors owning ETV Token, helps investors own most ETV Token coins through using financial leverage with dual interest rate.
⁃ ETV allows investors to deposit and uses AI technology to increase ETV Token ownership.
⁃ It gains your properties by using financial leverage with a dual interest rate.
⁃ It creates added value in storage and gains your ETV Token

ETV Capital has a clear development roadmap and they will considerably develop when giving a growth plan for the future
- April 2020: start the ETV coin gift program: bonus 100,000,000 ETV current conversion value 1ETV = 0.1USD
- May 2020: Separate ETV Platinum coin wallet: ETV CAPITAL is built by highly specialized teams with experience working in banking systems. May 2020 has its own etheplatinum wallet.The coin uses ethereum's RC20
- June 2020: ETV is traded in the game, forex and trade ecosystem.
- September 2020: ETV is traded in internal exchange
- Q1 2021: ETV is traded in the free market
- June 2021: TOP 50 on coinmarketcap: ETV coin reached TOP 50 on coinmarketcap. The value of ETV coin reach 5 USD and the Etheplatinum exchange reached 1,000,000 members worldwide.
-Q1 2022: ETV reached TOP30 on coinmarketcap. The value of ETV coin will reach 8 USD and the community will reach 3,000,000 members worldwide

Contact Info:
Name: Thomas Young Cena
Email: Send Email
Organization: ETV Capital Group

Release ID: 88974565