Estate Planning Firm Haiman Hogue Urges People To Ask Tough Questions Before Hiring A Lawyer - Arlington, TX

Leading estate planning attorney Guy B. Garner, Senior Attorney at Haiman Hogue PLLC in Arlington, TX outlines why complex estate planning requires people to ask difficult questions before hiring a lawyer. For more information please visit

“Complex estate planning requires difficult questions before hiring a lawyer,” commented Guy B Garner, Senior Attorney of Arlington's Elder law firm, Haiman Hogue, PLLC. “Those thinking of estate planning need to be thorough in their assessment
of choosing the right attorney.”

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Garner added: "Due to the complexity of the estate and elder laws, every estate plan is different. And, as life events occur, your plan may need to be updated and revised over the years. So you'll want an attorney who can create a solid plan customized to your circumstances."

One crucial question to ask, according to Garner, is how the attorney's charge for their services. If a law firm cannot estimate how much putting your plan together will cost, it's a big red flag that you may overpay.

"While many shy away from asking about money, it's essential to be upfront with how an attorney bills for their services. Ask them whether or not they bill by the hour or they charge flat fees, as you'll want someone who has a flat fee per project as opposed to charging on an hourly basis," he said.

It is also essential to ask if the planning fee includes regular reviews of your estate plan. The reality of the situation is that your legal documents, such as wills and trusts, will need to be updated to ensure they remain accurate and valid. "You'll want to select a lawyer who will not charge extra to review your documents on a regular basis (every 3-5 years). It’s very important that you keep your plan up to date, therefore regular reviews of your documents are imperative."

Garner said it is also vital to choose a law firm that offers proactive communication with clients. "Changes in the law do occur, and some lawyers are not always the best at communicating with their clients," he revealed. "It's a good idea to ask if they offer regular communication with you once every couple of months via email."

Asking about the nature of the law firm is also vital when it comes to selecting an estate planning attorney. "You'll have an ongoing relationship with your lawyer for your estate plan, so a question to ask is what would happen if they die or retire.
You'll feel better knowing they have a plan in place to provide you with ongoing legal help.”

"The last thing you want is to start over, which can be both costly and time-consuming," he concluded.


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