Estate Planning Attorney, Barry Haimo, reveals how to help clients successfully plan their estates in Plantation, Florida

Barry Haimo, an estate planning attorney in Plantation, Florida, has just revealed a 3 step process that is helping people plan their estates for later life. For more information please visit

Estate planning lawyer, Barry Haimo, founder of Haimo Law, has just revealed a process he uses to help people avoid inaction when it comes to their estate planning. Among other consequences, if unaddressed, inaction often leads to them losing control of assets in later life.

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When asked to comment, Mr. Haimo said, “Studies show that over 60% of people either don’t have a plan of action for their estate or their plan no longer makes sense. I think the main reason for this is many people have the misconception that they have to be rich to engage in estate planning.”

“We use a three-part process to educate these people so they protect themselves as well as their family in old age.”


Mr. Haimo’s level of attention and care with his clients sets him apart.

One example of this is the provision of a detailed visual road map presentation to clients before the first meeting.

“The roadmap has a lot of need-to-know information and is linked to a questionnaire that new clients complete before first meeting us. This helps them to understand why certain things are important as well as the timing of the entire process” he said.

The road map presentation can be found on the firm’s website. The firm also provides , clients with an up-to-date fee schedule, which Mr. Haimo says is important in alleviating his client’s concerns about attorney fees.

Care and Attention

Mr. Haimo’s initial consultation often lasts a couple hours.

When asked to elaborate on why this first meeting lasts this long, Mr. Haimo said, “This first meeting is a very deep, comprehensive discussion to understand the client’s financial and family situation, as well as their life and after death goals.”

“At the end of these meetings, approximately 90% of clients are very clear which avenue they want to pursue,” he said.

Follow-up on the Plan

Even though a lot of time is invested to help clients get clear on how they want to organize their estate, Mr. Haimo makes a point of sending them a comprehensive recap of the plan and the details of the plan after the meeting.

“We like to follow-up with our clients after meeting with them with information we discussed and the details of their decisions,which helps them accurately understand the plan they want to execute. In this communication, we pinpoint areas that need to be further clarified or thought through before proceeding”, he said.

This letter includes presentations, videos and blog posts surrounding issues relevant to their particular facts, circumstances and goals, allowing clients to easily educate themselves in order to make an informed decision. “We prioritize ensuring clients make informed decisions that they both understand and are happy with,” replied Mr. Haimo.

One such resource includes a link to an article authored by Haimo entitled, “14 Pressure Points That May Result in Your Family Inheriting a Grenade.”

“Transparency, care and follow-through are vital pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in helping people engage in Strategic Planning with Purpose®. It helps correct misconceptions about estate planning, such as the belief that people do not have estates, or that hiring an attorney is too expensive. I’ve lost count of the number of times where having a plan drawn up by an attorney would have been much cheaper than the problems inaction caused down the line” he said.

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