Escape Games 365 Launches To Host The Best Escape Games On The Net

Escape Games 365 is a new website that is dedicated to finding the best new escape games online and hosting them in a single collection, making it easier than ever to find great escape games.

Flash games are an entertaining way to waste some time, whether waiting for a train or needing a break from the pressures of the office. Flash games have an astonishing variety of different genres and game play mechanics, and often regular gamers begin to develop a preference for a particular style of game. One of the most popular is escape games, in which players must free their character from a confined space by overcoming puzzles and challenges. Escape Games 365 is a new website that has brought together the best of the genre so avid gamers can discover new titles and all-time classics.

The games vary in style from the exciting to the absurd, with US President Escape and Me, Wake Up! Mini Brocolli- a psychedelic dream escape game. The games are ranked on the site by popularity according to both the number of plays and the average rating from players.

The games feature a wide variety of different styles and dynamics, including scary games, prison escapes, and adventure style games that offer a nostalgic hit of the point-and-click era.

A spokesperson for Escape Games 365 explained, “We have made it our mission to bring together the newest and best escape games so that gamers who enjoy this niche can do so without the need to trawl through endless irrelevant games on larger hosting sites. By focusing on a single genre of game, we are helping fans of these games find the best available experiences with a minimum of fuss. The site is updated regularly as new games are published, and our editorial team works hard to identify the best new releases on behalf of our users.”

About Escape Games 365:
Escape Games 365 offer gamers some of the best and most entertaining free online escape games on the internet. They have plenty of family friendly games that are good for kids of all ages, as well as intense drama games and clue-solving games, where players can help cartoon characters escape, explore kids' rooms full of toys or look for clues, hints and items to help them solve puzzles.

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