Erica Carter Real Estate, Inc. Wants Homeowners To Think About Dying - With Good Reason

This company raised awareness of the fact that everyone needs to adequately prepare their estates. Doing so reduces stress and confusion for relatives and others named in wills, particularly at this sensitive time.

Founded by a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, Erica Carter Walden, Erica Carter Real Estate, Inc is on a mission to help homeowners plan so that any future complications in the world of probate and trust sales can be avoided and property inheritance can happen smoothly.

Erica Carter Real Estate, Inc. provides concierge-like client service. It has produced educational videos about probate matters and important items to consider as homeowners prepare estate plans, ready properties for sale, market homes to guarantee multiple offers from buyers, negotiate the best price and terms for a deal, manage transactions, and more.

It might sound morbid, but this real estate company is urging homeowners to start thinking about dying. "People are starting to have conversations about how to leave wealth to the next generation, yet people are still dying without estate plans, and their families are forced to sell their property," said probate real estate specialist Erica Carter Walden, who launched the firm in 2018.

Many people who plan to pass on their home to their children or others in their will fail to recognize just how tricky the process can be. Financial experts suggest that up to a third of Americans who are named as inheriting a property through a will end up losing out on it because they don’t know how to navigate the process, even though help is available.

This company raised awareness of the fact that everyone needs to adequately prepare their estates. Doing so reduces stress and confusion for relatives and others named in wills, particularly at this sensitive time.

The firm has created two programs for two audiences of homeowners, in particular, that benefit from thinking about death. One is people aged 40 or over who might be taking care of their own children and their parents, leaving little if any time to make their own end-of-life decisions that could avoid the stress and fights among relatives if they don't write an estate plan. The other is people in their 30s who are starting a family who'd benefit from beginning earlier on tackling the critical decisions about what happens to their property after death.

Each client is asked to consider a number of key questions:
Have you taken inventory of what you own?
What do you want to do with all your stuff?
Who is going to care for your children?
Which realtor do you want to sell your property after death?
Do you have a family member who will need lifelong care?
If you do, have you created a Special Need Trust?
Have you discussed your plan openly with your family to avoid conflicts after death?

"The coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately shown us just how unpredictable life can be, and that's why it is never too early to start planning what happens to your estate," Erica says.

And the audiences are receptive. Erica Carter Real Estate Inc. is already enjoying rapid growth through word of mouth from delighted clients. Erica uses her empathy and experience to help people of many ages make necessary decisions about their estates. Her expertise and attention to detail are conducive to an efficient collaboration with the probate attorney.

Erica recommends that adults take an inventory of what they own and decide what will happen with it after their death and designate someone to be in charge of handling the estate.

Her genuine passion for helping others is why she wanted to launch a company that handles standard and probate residential, multi-family and commercial property sales. "I love using my expertise to help my clients achieve their goals, whether that's planning to buy their dream home or making important decisions about how to provide for their loved ones after death," she says.

"I've sadly seen many families spend thousands of dollars in probate when relatives argue over an estate, particularly inherited properties. If the deceased person had left a well-written estate plan that clearly explained their wishes, it could have prevented many disputes," says Walden. "Even when everyone in a family is cooperative, it can still be an expensive process."

Erica’s many years working as an attorney give her a unique set of skills to cut through the confusion of probate, ensuring a streamlined approach that focuses on quickly selling an estate property while providing compassionate support to her clients. "Wrapping up the affairs of a loved one can be challenging and extremely emotional. I have the patience to navigate that situation and keep the client-focused until the business is concluded," she adds.

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