Eric Vasquez, CCO and Co-Founder of 411 Music Group to Speak at International Music Conference Midem 2015

Midem 2015, the leading international business event for the music ecosystem, invites Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Eric Vasquez of 411 Music Group as an expert sync agent and speaker, representing one of the fastest growing music licensing companies in the marketplace.

Acclaimed independent music publisher and licensing company 411 Music Group first opened its doors in January of 2014 and is rapidly becoming a dominant force within the music licensing community. Providing high quality music content to scripted and unscripted TV shows, TV networks, film studios, trailer houses, producers, video game developers, and music supervisors throughout the world, 411 Music Group is raising the bar within the audio/visual community.

Since the company’s inception, Vasquez’s creative vision, A&R and multimedia platform have paved the way for music licensing deals with clients such as Red Bull, NBC, CBS, Activision, and Vans, and several artist placements on MTV, AMC, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and promotional advertising campaigns for Vans Warped Tour ’15, to name but a few.

Vasquez states “In the wake of declining record sales, traditional A&R and artist development efforts have been in decline, causing a large number of labels and music publishers to terminate many A&R positions within the music industry. This environment is making it increasingly difficult for independent artists and musicians to gain advance and establish their careers.”

Among Vasquez’s key roles within the company are scouting artists and shaping musical tastes as A&R representatives have done in the past, helping to bridge the gap between artists and the TV and film industries.

Additionally, Vasquez has created a digital age music licensing landscape for artists, as well as developing innovative A&R representation models in the sync world. It was through these integrations that Vasquez signed publishing and representation deals with world-renowned Brazilian music producer and DJ,
Ftampa, Hatiras (Hatrax Records), Mesck (Chestplate Records), Implants (Cyber Tracks), Nathaniel Knows, Triage, Onyay Pheori, legendary nardcore punk band Stalag 13, Decry, Crooked Stilo, Music Mail Publishing (Germany), Adonys 5-1 (France), among many others.

Vasquez’s music career spans well over 17 years as a musician, recording engineer, composer and music producer in addition to an 8-year touring career as drummer for the nardcore punk rock band “Dr.Know”. Vasquez’s most recent composer credits include the feature film Expendables 3, placements on television networks ABC, NBC, FOX, USA, CBS, FX, AXS TV, Discovery, Spike TV, TNT, and TLC, and advertising campaigns for Ken’s Salad Dressing, KFC, Ford and Google.

As an invited guest speaker at Midem 2015, June 5-8 at Palais de Festivals in Cannes, France, Eric Vasquez will speak one on one with artists, publishers, record labels and musicians during the Brands & Sync event “Meet The Sync Brokers & Music Reps” located in the Networking Village from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. This is not an event to be missed.

About 411 Music Group

411 Music Group is an independent music publishing company and custom songwriting house. With partnerships in 37 territories throughout Europe, Japan, China and South Korea, 411 is continuing its expansion in the sync world by adding unique artists to its roster and developing forward-thinking models for production companies. The company’s exclusive catalog includes up-and-coming featured artists, as well as a production catalog for use in TV, Film, Advertising, Radio and Interactive Media. Having its own unique niche, 411 Music Group’s all-artist, all-composer team is the most distinctive, highly specialized group of writers in the industry.

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