Enzo Matcha Announces Partnership With Pitchy Tea Delights And Josepha Edman

Josepha's Tea Delights offers a new video blog on the topic of tea. The video blogs will be one minute long and discuss different tea-related topics.

Enzo’s Private Selection and Josepha Edman are pleased to announce that they have formed a partnership to promote the benefits of award-winning Matcha green tea. Josepha is an avid video blogger of Pitchy Tea Delights and has set up her blog to describe her experiences with tea. Within the first ten days of the partnership, Pitchy Tea Delights had its first order of Enzo Organic Matcha Green Tea powder. The customer hailing from the state of Pennsylvania chose to give the Enzo Premium Cold-Press Matcha Tea a try.

The new video blog will be called "Josepha's Tea Delights." Each video will be one minute long and discuss different topics about tea. The blogger plans to go each month to a different country in the world and visit tea cafes, tea houses, restaurants, and growers, as well as to meet tea experts. The videos will be short and educational and will include some travel and fun. Each week, five videos will be posted and will appear on all social networks and in the online store.

The blog is a new concept online and promises to be exciting and informative. Josepha explains, "My main focus in building my online store was to educate people about Matcha, the tea created by the Zen masters of the temples in Kyoto to help improve concentration and focus. Matcha has become so much more than they might have imagined. At Pitchy Tea Delights, we work to provide that same Zen experience with the best ceremonial grade Enzo Matcha green teas available today.”

“Much has been written about the benefits of Matcha green tea” she continues. “We created our store online so we could provide shoppers around the world with the most amazing Matcha they will ever taste. Whether you incorporate it in a latte, a face mask, or you simply drink it as it has been consumed for centuries, Matcha is the healthiest green tea option available, offering more than 137 times more antioxidants than traditional green tea. It can improve memory, focus, awareness, and prevent some serious ongoing health conditions."

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