Enyware is the Ultimate Ergonomic Seat Transforming Posture and Habit

Live on Kickstarter, Enyware Makes Anywhere Ergonomics. Sit Effortlessly Upright. Track & Improve Posture and Habit

Enyware, the revolutionary new smart seat that instantly turns anywhere ergonomics, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In a world dominated by desk work, ergonomics can often be an overlooked, yet important aspect for productivity and health. Enyware is a breakthrough new product that utilizes aerospace exoskeleton (wearable robotics) technology to create the ultimate ergonomic device that turns any seating place ergonomic.

"When the pandemic hit and we continued working for long hours in makeshift workshop at home, we found that back pain was becoming a major issue for us and many of our friends in various industries. Working on the bed, sofa and kitchen chair exacerbate this problem. Even with a nicely arranged home office setup, sitting for too long is a dangerous habit that caused stress as well as back pain,” says Chief Designer Kevin on the inspiration behind the project. “So we decided to turn our aerospace wearable robot design into the world's first smart seat. We keep the same engineering principles but adopted the design to be easier to use, more appealing to consumers and integrated sensor technology to encourage healthier sitting habits. Thus was born Enyware, the smart seat that helps you sit right and help you create a better sitting habit.”

Enyware lets users do the impossible by allowing them to sit in a truly “zero-stress” posture where the spine is stacked in an ideal S-shape, while the body is upright, balanced and with back muscles comfortably relaxed. Enyware accomplishes this by applying just the right amount of force from its dual lumbar to roll up the pelvis and shape the spine into a neutral S-Shape. This unique approach stacks the spine into an upright and relaxed posture, with only minimal muscle force required to maintain this perfect balance. Meanwhile, Enyware’s dynamic, detachable armrest forms a critical part of the total support the body needs at work. By resting directly under the shoulder and arms, the Enyware armrest is adjustable to let the elbows rest at the right height while working reinforce a "zero-stress" upright posture. Taken together, Enyware provides total support to the body and helps transform posture away from the ergonomic pain affecting most people today. Especially with working at home becoming the norm as the pandemic worsens.

Tying all of this together is an integrated smart sensor acting as a habit coach throughout the day. Enyware tracks torso movement and angle so it knows if users are sitting still for too long or too reliant on the forward support. Users can set active time goals and reminders to stand up for a short rest. Integrated in Enyware's posture shaper is a sensor that calculates breathing rate and even detects stress based on breathing patterns. This can help users maintain a conscious and mindful approach to their breathing.

Enyware weighs only 2.6 kg and is easily portable for quick storage. It is recommended for heights ranging from 5’ to 6’3” and hip sizes from 28” to 46”. Its height, width and depth are adjustable to fit both men and women.

“Enyware is the only seat that not only help you sit upright, it's also a sitting experience that teaches the correct way to sit upright to the body. Even when you are not using Enyware, your body will still retain this posture memory and sit in the correct posture. With its integrated sensor, Enyware is also a posture coach in your seat, with feedback that lets you improve habits, behavior and breathing,” adds Marketing Director AJ. “Most of us can't avoid sitting and working. But Enyware can turn it into a healthy experience, with better breathing, focus and without back pain. And since Enyware works almost anywhere. It turns any place you love instantly ergonomic!”

Enyware is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/astride/enyware-the-smart-seat-that-transforms-you

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We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs and wearable robotics engineers . Over the past 10 years we have been delivering cutting-edge hardware and software around the world. With the LEX and now ENYWARE, we are helping to redefine and enhance our relationship with technologies.

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