Environmentally Friendly Activewear Is Changing the Way People Think About Gear

Molded Apparel is committed to helping the environment with clothing options that lessen carbon footprints.

With global warming becoming a major subject, along with waste, companies like Molded Apparel are doing their part to change the tide and reduce the carbon footprint of their company's operations. Eco Conscious Activewear products reduce waste and are made from sustainable materials that greatly reduce the negative impact manufacturing has on the environment.

Stephan Reed, a representative of Molded Apparel recently spoke about the company's efforts. "From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to be a different type of clothing company. The owners are passionately involved in protecting the planet and this is at the very core of our beliefs. We manufacture Environmentally Friendly Activewear because we believe in our products and stand behind them 100%. We hope to encourage more companies to step up to the plate and reduce their carbon footprints as well."

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act brought to law through the Environmental Protection Agency, seeks to change the impact clothing manufacturers have on the planet. One of the most widely manufactured materials, polyester, is manufactured from petroleum products. Companies like Molded Apparel not only vow to use sustainable materials, they are also working to reduce waste with their Made-to-Measure Activewear System.

"We have worked hard to ensure there is very little waste in the process of manufacturing our activewear. When customers visit our website, they give us five different measurements and we one-off their T-shirt right away. We do not create T-shirts until they are ordered so we keep our waste to an absolute minimum. Our activewear is guaranteed to provide a precise fit and we are thrilled to be able to be a part of the initiative to improve the accountability of clothing manufacturers," says Reed.

As clothing companies rise to the challenge of offering sustainable materials and better manufacturing practices, Molded Apparel is leading the way and plans to expand their operations, depending on consumer response. The EPA hopes companies like Molded Apparel will be able to reduce the 68 pounds of clothing waste per person that goes into landfills each year. As more and more clothing manufacturers rise to the challenge, worldwide changes are expected to bring about improvements in the level of clothing waste that is produced.

About Molded Apparel:

Molded Apparel was founded by Ian Landi & Henry Remington after they were made aware of the tremendous waste of the clothing industry. So many clothing manufacturers create billions of pounds of material waste each year in the manufacturing process. Ian and Henry are passionate about protecting the Earth's natural resources and wanted to do their part to reduce the negative effects the clothing industry has on the world. Their company seeks to provide a perfect fit for their customers, along with carbon neutrality which is something every company should challenge themselves to provide. They only use sustainable materials and for every order, they plant a tree to give back to the environment and protect the precious ecosystems.

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