Entrepreneur in Castle Rock Colorado Puts A New Spin on House Cleaning

Castle Rock Superior Maid Service is unlike any other house cleaning service in that focus on saving time more than cleaning houses.

Castle Rock Superior Maid Service works hard to live up to its name. Founded by a Castle Rock native who found herself disappointed with other house cleaning services, the young entrepreneur decided that her company would be different. That’s how Liz Franklin, 31, came up with the idea of branding her service as a “time saving” service and not just a house cleaning service.

“I am a busy mother of 4 wonderful children and I know how hard it can be to find time to clean. As a result, I tried using a maid service but I was not happy with what they offered. I recognized a problem that I had and assumed I wasn’t the only one looking for a solution.”

“The solution,” Liz says, “was to begin offering services that others simply don’t. Our team of house cleaning professionals will not only leave your home looking spotless, but we will also clean your sheets, pick up groceries, feed your cat, water your plants, bring in the paper or even pick up toilet paper from the store. Simply ask us, and we will do our best to make it happen.” The company promotes themselves as a time saving service first and a house cleaning service second. This, their energetic owner says, is what makes them different from other services and allows them to be successful in a competitive market.

After offering this service, Castle Rock Superior Maid Service not only saw more clients on their website (www.SuperMaidsCastleRock.com) they also saw a higher profit per client because they’re simply able to offer more revenue generating services. This unique approach is about having something for everyone rather than becoming too specialized and getting stuck with only one way to make money.

“It’s the same idea as adding diversity to your stock portfolio, something is going to stick,” adds Liz. The company started by informing current clients of the additional services they offer. Liz points out that this didn’t cost them anything and it gave them an additional opportunity to have a conversation with their clients. After that, Castle Rock Superior Maid Service added an another page to their site that outlined the basics of their custom work. From there, the services took off.

Worried you can’t apply the same ingenuity to our own business? Well, Liz has some advice for you, “I don’t consider myself a business owner or even an entrepreneur, really I just see myself as a problem solver. My advice to any business owner or anyone looking to be self employed is simple, make sure you are solving a problem. For me, that was a lack of time.”

Castle Rock Superior Maid Service
200 S. Wilcox St. #426
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(720) 408-6526

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Organization: Castle Rock Superior Maid Service
Address: 200 S. Wilcox St. #426 Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: (720) 408-6526
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