Entrepreneur David Russell Teaches How He Built A Digital Marketing Agency While Working 8 to 5

Successful entrepreneur, David Russell, launches a new initiative where he coaches corporate employees looking to build a business and make $10,000 per month

David Russell is the founder of Entrophy Marketing Agency, a marketing agency that aims to help online and brick-and-mortar companies optimize their advertising campaigns and strategies. The entrepreneur built a successful marketing agency while working a corporate job and he is looking to transmit his wealth of knowledge to 8 to 5 employees looking to build a business and make $10,000 per month. The employee turned entrepreneur and business coach is already making his mark, judging by the results and testimonials from clients.

The last two years have shown the world that there is no security working in a corporate position, which is why David is passionate about paving the way for those working an 8 to 5 to build more security in their lives. The business environment has continued to evolve over the years, with more brands emerging across different industries to meet the needs of consumers while they struggle to increase their market share. Recent stats that show that about 50% of businesses fail to make it past their first year reiterates the level of competition and challenges that entrepreneurs have to overcome to become successful. Consequently, feats achieved by the likes of David Russell, going from working a full-time job to building a successful business and subsequently coaching emerging entrepreneurs is worth celebrating.

Entrophy Marketing Agency has grown in leaps and bounds in a relatively short while, offering innovative solutions to help brands improve their online presence via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google advertising strategies. David was able to leverage his experience working a day job to effectively build a side business that surpassed his corporate income.

As a business coach, David works with early-stage entrepreneurs, especially individuals working 8 to 5, to build a business that will lead them to fully embrace the world of entrepreneurship. The goal is to show his students how to develop an unstoppable entrepreneur mindset, build a formidable team, and a side hustle while working a corporate job.

In a related development, David created the 10K Action Plan strategy to help build a business that will replace corporate monthly income and set entrepreneurs up for success, irrespective of the industry.
For more information about David Russell and his 10k Action Plan Strategy, visit - www.davidarussell.com. The entrepreneur mindset campaign also continues across social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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