Entrepreneur and Blockchain Evangelist Hernando Fernandez to Launch Documentary on History of Money

Hernando Fernandez, a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, educator, and mentor.

Hernando Fernandez, a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, educator, and mentor. Hernando is now on a mission to trace the history of money in his upcoming documentary on August 8, 2020.

Money is an illusion, a mass hallucination backed by the power of faith and trust, dollars, and other currencies including the latest addition, Bitcoin. Hernando however is upbeat about the potential of blockchain technology to bring about a structural change in the present world economic model.

Hernando explains why he considers money to be an illusion. Dollar bills are only a number stored on paper or coins, and they derive their significance from the faith, acceptance as payment, and support of millions of people. The difference between bitcoin and dollar is only in the number of people who believe in their illusion.

“All existing financial institutions today are super faulty and permanently prone to corruption and manipulation. This was all long before Bitcoin and its inventor Satoshi Nakamoto appeared,” says Hernando.

One example of the flaws in the current system is inflation. A dollar of 1959 is today worth less than 12 cents. Bitcoin addresses this historical weakness, with only 21 million of them that can ever exist and no way to create more.

The blockchain according to Hernando is a really powerful innovation, as it showed for the first time that an immutable, unforgeable record of a transaction could be created forever with a set of computers without the intervention of any central authority, bank or institution. From this new discovery, there is no way back. The blockchain system is poised to merge with existing systems as it has incalculable value.

“The fight to preserve the illusion that money is really never-ending, and it can never end,” says Hernando.

As a young student, he arrived in the USA from Colombia on a vacation, disillusioned by the school and college system, and stayed back. A decade later, working through multiple industries, he is ready to share his knowledge, experiences, and methods with others facing a similar situation. Hernando Fernandez’s personal website and social media are meant to be a resource with information, his personal history, and tools to make better decisions about one’s future.

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